Glee Cast in The Paley Center for Media 2011

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Glee Cast in The Paley Center for Media 2011 5

Wednesday, March 16, 2011
Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills

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So inside Kevin is a sassy black woman. Cool.

Author — Charis Leigh


They laughed because Chris said that he was "Glad to be back"

Author — Fiona Criss


"there is like, no estrogen"
I am genuinely in tears XD XD XD

Author — IronicAppreciation


Naya and Jenna's laughs are adorable and hilarious and madly infectious & obvious hahaha

Author — Kim Shelly


Chris said "I'm gonna miss the Warblers" but at the time the episode where Kurt leaves Dalton and goes back to McKinley didn't aired yet so it was big SPOILER!!!

Author — Sweetest662


Cory: Alot of people disagree with me right now. I can feel it!
*Chris slightly moves his chair*
I LOVE this cast. <3

Author — Heather Kay


i get kicked in the balls by gwenith paltrow, good day
-Matthew Morrison

Author — Charlotte Sienkiewicz


love Naya's laugh while Mark is talking

Author — mamamia1001


Ryan Murphy's face after Chris says he is glad to be back before Amber starts pointing it out. Hahaha

Author — Sara Hoffman


is Cory really hot in that outfit or is it just me?

Author — Lilan625


why did everyone start laughing at what heather said when she was talking about britanny spears i dont get it lol im dumb

Author — Amer Saleh


"oh Like you didn't know!" Lol. I love Chris. He's so funny in this, especially with the chair moving. :)
Kevin waving is hilarious. Lol. I love this cast! :)

Author — bubbles090792


omg I love Naya! <3 You can hear her laugh at 1:15 and 1:17 after Chris made the spoiler xD So cute! <3 And her face at 8:39!! Aaaaw <3

Author — Nina Stougaard


Chris is a freaking comic!! 1st with the spoiler I was dying!! 2nd Darren is talking bout gap and he said "we had fun with the manniquens" rando!!

Author — Danielle Di


"A lot of people are disagreeing with me ya know" *Chris Moves chair*

Author — OoEzzioO


beautiful, more beautiful, Naya Rivera

Author — Caro Kooky


Chris accidentally revealed a spoiler about going back to McKinley because this was back season 2 before people knew

Author — GingerBaby


OMG laughing at my head off at Chris going

Author — Jaimi Marie


I love heather :) i don't think she put 2 and 2 together.

Author — Jacinth Mauricio


seeing Cory breaks me. :( this was in s2 back when I still genuinely liked the show.

Author — Sara Kennedy