'Did you guys know I was in the Hunger Games?' Jennifer Lawrence on where she keeps Katniss's bow.

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago


Jennifer Lawrence looks back on some of her biggest movies with BBC Radio 1's Ali Plumb, including The Hunger Games, the X-Men series, Silver Linings Playbook and her latest movie Red Sparrow. She talks about dancing badly, swearing loudly and why she likes to shout about lunch on set.

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This guy is probably the only interviewer who doesn’t make me cringe lol!

Author — Varns


An interviewer who has done his research and is respectful and engaging with his guest. Many interviewers could learn a thing or two from this segment

Author — Wood Barber


So great when an interviewer knows his job well. "Wow, you really did your research" that's when you have the attention and the respect of the person you are interviewing. Great job!

Author — Olivia Franzen


The fact she says lunch every time she wants the camera to cut 😂😂😂

Author — Samigiri XP


This was a good interview. She was actually answering the questions without cracking up, for the the most part. 😂

Author — Rich Letram


As an interviewer myself, this guy is the ideal interviewer. Confident, charming and well-researched. Nothing worse than an awkward interview with someone who hasn't done their research. Hope to see more with him!

Author — Dashing Theroux The Snow


This is what interviews looks like when you have highly professionnal and educated person on both size.

Author — David Honnay


Oh my god, this interviewer has got to be the best interviewer I've seen in years! Most other interviewers just seem to make me cringe uncomfortably over all the uncomfortable social situations they produce like an automatic cringe rifle, but this guy is just non-stop smooth, interesting and brings out interesting stuff we want to hear. Good job mate!

Author — enque01


I think she's my favorite actress. She's so funny and stays real. Love her work

Author — Carlotta 123


Her performance on the Hunger Games is my absolute favorite out of her whole acting career.

Author — Jessicanimation


She looked like she actually enjoyed that interview

Author — _Secret__


Winter's Bone is my favorite. It wasn't a big franchise with a lot of budget, so you could concentrate on characters and the story, instead of digital effects. And oh my gosh, Jennifer was amazing in portraying Ree Dolly.

Author — Andrey Sotnikov


shes obviously hilarious and i love her but the interviewer is GENIUS, he's so and not all awkward like most

Author — maja reinhardt


Her natural personality is always worth watching.

Author — kradios


This was a masterclass on holding a great interview - from both perspectives. Engaging questions and topics, great (and funny) answers from Jennifer. They both seemed to mesh and enjoy the interview.

Author — SilentKnight43


Now that’s a good interviewer. Respectful and relevant questions and Jennifer actually had fun

Author — LittleMissLopez


For sure.... One of the best celebs to do an interview with. Actually gives you emotion, full answers, few compliments here and there to make the interviewer feel comfortable. What a gem

Author — Tommy Veee


it made my heart so happy when she was talking about ballet and how ballerinas are true athletes! I do ballet and it is truly a very physically and mentally demanding skill and i just love that she respects that! i love Jennifer she is the best!

Author — Trace Hunt


She was brilliant as Katniss. Easily her best performance in my opinion

Author — Jamie Hanson


Jennifer Lawrence portrayed Katniss in _The Hunger Games_ so perfectly.

Author — Eren Yeager