NVIDIA Thinks These GPUs Are Worthless

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  • ℹ️ Published 11 months ago

Recently NVIDIA announced that they would be discontinuing Game Ready driver support for their Kepler architecture-based GPUs like the 600 and 700 series. Does this mean these GPUs can no longer game? Today we find out.

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Intro: Laszlo - Supernova

Outro: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

0:00 Intro
1:21 Introducing the GTX 760
3:12 760 - CSGO
4:02 760 - Rocket League
4:42 760 - F1 2020
5:02 760 - Apex Legends
6:21 760 - Doom Eternal & VRAM Discussion
8:00 Introducing the GTX 780 Ti
8:50 780 Ti - F1 2020
9:36 780 Ti - Doom Eternal
10:25 780 Ti - Dirt 5 & DirectX 12 Discussion
11:25 780 Ti - Civilization VI
12:05 780 Ti - Control
12:23 Why Discontinuing These Cards Might Make Sense
15:45 What If You Already Have a Kepler-Based GPU?
16:28 Outro

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Linus: drops a $5000 CPU
Also Linus: carefully places down garbage

Author — MyNameIsBucket


Ah, 2013, when you needed quad SLI just to play at reasonable frame rates at 4k. What a glorious age we live in. Single card, ultra settings, at 4k, and high frame rates. You know, except nowadays we can't play at any frame rate because GPUs have become a myth.

Author — Derp Wolf


watching doom eternal chug on 25 fps makes me sad that Linus never contacts LowSpecGamer for these types of videos, that guy would have Doom running with at LEAST 40 fps

Author — jemi


July 21st, 2021 “If a 10 series is out of your budget, then one of these cards is not a terrible idea”
What a crazy outcome we’ve landed in. Good God.

Author — Skjöld Game Studio


I beat cyberpunk on a and it was still a great experience. 3060 ti gave me more fps but adding more ram(to 32) actually gave me a very nice improvementin the fps area.

Author — lordspam


"this was once a $700 gpu"
the market: *$600, take it or leave it*

Author — King Joolian


Yes the 780ti can still game. I use my brother's old PC all the time. Though it starting to fall a bit behind the new series of GPUs but not to bad performance for how old it is.

Author — Wyatt Stegall


12:40 in fairness, Apple is kind of a bastion of anti-consumer policy, so being only 4x better than them isn't necessarily anything to write home about. But still, Nvidia seems to be dropping support because it's a bother to maintain, not in a deliberate, malicious effort to force unnecessary upgrades and undermine the secondary market, so they're not evil.

Author — Steven Victor Neiman


Several of the gpus from the 600 and 700 series have 4gb vram as an option, even if its less common :)

Author — Capitalk


Considering the prices on 30x0, this might be the dream card for the next build.

Author — Alexey Boltax


This sort of video is a nice counter balance to the videos of the 3090's etc.
I'd like to think it helps those who are running these cards feel better about their current rig.

Author — Epithonel


I love these videos, id love to see more videos going back to older gpu’s

Author — David Romonti


It’s amazing how capable these cards still are



It's also outstanding if you need a vid card for emulation as those tend to use open GL or vulkan which are both fantastic api's for older hardware.There are also some small communities that make custom drivers for older cards.They may be old, but they ain't dead yet.

Author — Diceman82


"Take that rocks...whoops got no ammo"
Only Linus could lose to a rock in a shooter

Author — dumpsterdawg


I'd like to know what to choose between Ryzen 3700x vs 5600x. Both are available at the same price.
Considering future years down the line, what would be worth it?
Also, its mainly for gaming and multi task, nothing over the edge.

Author — Abhishek Kunchikor


My 3gb GTX 760 pc was fantastic. Still have the computer actually, although I haven't booted it since about the time I built my new pc. I was running the latest games on it, although I was having to drop resolution for games like Mankind Divided. Got it to 60fps though, and it still looked pretty good. Would recommend as a budget card

Author — Zeroth


I'm super amped for the Nimez drivers that have brought new life to my r9 390x. Yeah, it's from 2015. But it's roughly equivalent to a rx580 or gtx 1060 ... and with 8gb of ram it's doing just fine!

Author — rains


It'd be interesting to see the 4GB version of the 760.

Author — Jack Sarocka


Modern coolers might have all the bells and whistles, but those 7th gen Windforce coolers will always have a place with me.

Author — Cameron Koplin