Ken Clarke talks politics, finance and Ukip - Full Length | Guardian Live

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Ken Clarke talks politics, finance and Ukip - Full Length | Guardian Live 4.5

Former chancellor Ken Clarke discusses the rise of Ukip; how he first got into politics; and why he still favours the euro.
Clarke was talking to the Guardian's Michael White at a Guardian Live event in King's Place, central London in November 2014. Guardian Live is our series of events, debates, interviews and festivals exclusively for Guardian members.

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The Labour Party would have hated having to go against a Tory Party led by Clarke. Unfortunately, the Tory Party membership thought people like IDS were better ...

Author — DHTCF


what a great man, probably one of the greatest chancellors and statesmen we have ever had

Author — FullStopStudios



Author — malvi 13


43:25 - When describing the Scottish referendum he describes exactly what those who want us to remain in the EU are doing now after the referendum vote, four years after this interview..

-"The public were deceived."
-"The public didn't know what they voted for."
-"We need another referendum".

Ken Clarke was on the remain side of the argument and even he thinks this type of behavior is nonsense.

Author — BigWilki123321


The 2min52 video ''Why Do Banks Make So Much Money?'' - the 3min19 ''How money gets destroyed - Banking 101 (Part 6 of 6), '' - the 2min21 ''House Prices:Why are they so high?'' - the 3min01 ''Inequality:Why are the rich getting richer?'' - the 5min35 ''Power of Banks vs Democracy, '' and others by Positive Money UK [or/and - click on map] Plus the 3min15 ''George Carlin - It's a big club and you ain't in it.''

Author — Slave2PaperWithInkOn


Britain expects every man and woman will do their duty
and vote LibDem tomorrow.
Horatio Nelson.

Author — zulfiqar Tareen


Can't wait until the UK gets a new Father of the House!

Author — Shawn Ketron