What is a REST API?

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

What is a REST API? This short video explains it in 6 minutes.

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Great explanation.Its simple and straight forward to understand for beginners and the graphics is awesome!

Author — Chetan Banavikalmutt


Amazing teacher. Always love the content from you. Please make some more detailed videos (for beginners) about some patterns like dependency, repository and others.

Author — Muhammad Hannan


the animations were extraordinary ..they are very much helpful in quickly grasping the concepts ..thnx mosh for the efforts you have put in to creating this video !

Author — Subbu Nittala


<3 it can't be a better explanation than this. Love your way of explaintion.

Author — imi khan


I've been trying to understand restful apis for a few months now, and since I have an interview tomorrow, thought I'd try to get it one more time. I can't believe after 1 video I've finally got it. Thank you for making it so simple and easy to understand.

Author — Ali Aljoubory


For me, that was the best no bullshit explanation someone has been able to deliver thus far. It made sense, it was simple, and concise - thank you.

Author — Ryan MossAway


Hi Moss, awesome video . Very simple and easy to follow. Just a quick question, what are some examples of client can be used to comsume api's from our cloud HR system ?

Author — Sage Mat


Great video! The concepts were easily and well explained.

Author — QOne


Thanks, I thought that was excellent and really helped me to finally get it! Really liked your relaxed manner, simple explanation and especially the graphics :)

Author — yesitstkm


Well explained! Simple and to the point with easy examples.

Author — Simphiwe Mabaso


Thank you Mosh! It's really a great video with clear and simple explanation. :)

Author — Jeffrey Cheng


This is the best presentation I have seen explaining about REST API. Nice animation too.

Author — gopinath krm


Very helpful video! Also, what do you use for your animations?

Author — Karima Kadaoui


Your new presentation and graphics are absolutely on target but the background music is disturbing during the lectures.
Awesome video 10/10!

Author — Saif Kazi


I am molecular biologist!!! a sort of layman; the way you explained the topic is just fantastic; Many Thanks Mosh

Author — Abderrahim MERZAK


Hi Mosh, are you planning to update your premium courses if the new version coming? Thanks Mosh, great content always

Author — Syaeful Bahri


That was an amazing video, really explains the whole fuzz about the word "representational". Thank you!!!

Author — Nikos Spiropoulos


Clear and simple as always Mosh. Thank you.

Author — Udi Tech


Excellent explanation - very straight forwards. Thanks!

Author — TomCashTV


Great explanation simple and direct to the point

Author — Matalink