Nicki Minaj Responds After Cardi B Fight! PROVES SHE DIDNT GET TOUCHED

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Nicki Minaj Responds After Cardi B Fight! PROVES SHE DIDNT GET TOUCHED 4
Nicki Minaj Responds After Cardi B Fight! PROVES SHE DIDNT GET TOUCHED

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I love celebrity beef, just sitting here eating my popcorn. Who want some?

Author — iNfam0usColors


I love the both of them but... RETARDI had me SCREAMING!!!

Author — Ñae Ñae


I can't watch it no more....a the y'all sitting on top the world while children sleeping on the floor dodging

Y'all should both get on a stage ...keep it the world what PEACE AND LOVE LOOKS
Not this crazy devil's work.

I'm sick looking at this...

Author — Michael Murphy


Cardi sure do miss that strip club huh?

Author — Let me sleep in peace


Yall tryna justify Cardi’s violent actions and make her seem like she’s right for tryna attack Nicki? Lmao wow k

Author — That1Person


Nicki: unbothered
Cardi: hella bothered... acts out and brought the hood with her.
Classy vs trashy
#TeamNicki 🤫

Author — Molika Men-Thlang


People keep commenting that Nicki don't want that smoke, lmao they're at NYFW... why would you try to fight someone at a professional event that could affect your image in Hollywood? Not picking sides but come on.

Author — Nadirah M.


All all talking about cardi but be the same one looking her up and listening to her music

Author — Ms.crunchy crunch


I just think that it wasn't right for cardi to start fighting specially in NYFW

Author — Taekook life


Whats up with cardi always throwing her shoes 👠 that aint right

Author — Elvira Lopez


Cardi b: hissy fitting 24/7
Nicki minaj: making top music 🎶 🤜

Author — A.J T


did she forget she was brought up in the game ? Cardi wanna fight cause she know she can't diss. I'm not saying talk shit, but if you gonna be in the rap game, prove to an allstar u gonna be staying in the field, play ball, run bases, and keep scoring. Nicki said before, you can't add up to her tallies..start getting them

Author — Queen Liz


First off Queen Nicki all day💯 Nicki would not fight Cardi not because she's scared but she a professional she been in the game long enough than to fight a celebrity at NYFW knowing it would affect her image afterwards, Cardi in this industry you gonna get criticized but u gotta be mature enough and let it go people gon talk but u can't be attacking people and throwing shoes your a celebrity now this ain't love&hip pop no more💯
Plus cardi was jokin about someone's dead kid that ain't funny that person should of beat your ass that's low asf
Why didn't y'all Cardi fans talk about that y'all just bias and fake because before Cardi was in the industry all of y'all were Nicki fans💯

Author — Hadassah Eastman


Cardi b cant fight fight any way nicki is a

Author — Mykayla Samuels


I BET U 1000$ u will sing 🎤
Uh oh
Back again
Back to back Maybach, stack the M's
Told 'em I met Slim Shady, bagged M
Once he go black, he'll be back again
Tell them hoes that it's crunch time, abdomen

Author — TrOuBleD ChIld


a lot of things are said behind closed doors

Author — Tessa Onah


A girl have beef wit me she gon' beef wit me.. foreva

Author — dashie's bbgurl


Minaj is the Devil 👹👹😈👹and Spirit😱 in the body👻 she thinks this 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Author — Flo M


0:27 Retardi🤣🤣I'm gonna start using that.

Author — Alana Atkinson


I’m sooo tired of cardi always throwing shoes at people🙄 like sis calm tf down you’re at a nyfw and you’re acting like you still on love & hip hop

Author — Khyra Killings