Taylor Swift - Live at the 2019 American Music Awards

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Taylor Swift - Live at the 2019 American Music Awards 5
Taylor Swift performs at the 2019 American Music Awards (November 24th, 2019)

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Can we be honest? Taylor's music marked this decade. She deserves this more than anyone.

Author — satan on a diet


When she switches songs and you know every song she sings, then you realise she is really an icon

Author — Kaan Cem Kıvanç


Taylor Swift had 7 kids on the stage. They represent all the 7 albums of her. It means that her albums are literally her kids 🥺

Author — Vishakha AN


Say what you want about Taylor Swift but she always has hits upon

Author — Isaiah Bristol


I love how when they pan to her parents and Selena at 2:20, her Mom and Selena are very clearly singing along to every word and her Dad is just kind of mumbling along like he’s trying to keep up and remember the lyrics to his daughter’s very famous song, and honestly that’s such a Dad move and I’m here for it 😂

Author — slideshowgurl


Even her stage presence deserves grammy.

Author — Charles Ureña


selena sitting next to tays parents is the cutest thing

Author — eva pearce


My favorite thing about her is that she didn’t do any drugs or anything crazy she barely had any scandals she just worked hard and she deserves this

Author — Kawaii2034


Never been the biggest Taylor Swift fan but GIRL SHE'S A LEGEND!! Her performance and voice gave me goosebumps! She absolutely deserves that artist of the decade award!!

Author — Meghna Christine


This performance got me all teared up because i did not realize how these songs played so much part in my life because watching this video made me reminisce some point in my life. Every song she sung made me remember those moments i had, some were sad some were the greatest. Thank you taylor not only for the entertainment you bring but also for some reason, listening to your songs make us feel unalone and strong. Thank you Taytay. We love you.

Author — Nicky Teng


What I don't understand about this video is the amount of people claiming to hate Taylor Swift and still continues to watch her videos.

Author — Annette Zaballero


I hope I’m still around when they make an Oscar winning movie about her.

Author — Devan Williamson


She looks *powerful* on that stage... proud and confident, totally in her element. It's really moving.

Author — Anomaly Archeress


kinda rude how there's an award show in the middle of taylor swift's concert

Author — 10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge


Taylor: Performce some of her old song

Scooter Braun: Am I a joke to you?

Taylor: yes

Author — Swiftie and Selenator


no matter what people say bad things about her, im still a fan

Author — Kizaru Borsalino


to all the haters that say taylor swift sounds like every pop artist

you’re wrong...she has her own sound. ur brain just thinks it’s a generic pop artist because you hear her songs like all the time

Author — Teeny Skits


She wrote and composed her own hits. Yeah, she deserved this.

Author — Agent J


It was nice of Taylor to let them have an award show during her concert

Author — Gabby Bruce


and people still dare to say taylor flopped while taylor changed the entire music industry I can’t, y’all think
someone who is artist of the year, artist of the decade, woman of the decade and song of the decade can still flop while ur idol justin flops a lot?

Author — Nicholas Lefevre