Rozaliya & Liliya Character Review

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The twins are slightly disappointing...


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My thoughts:
1. Congratulations to MiHoYo for actually managing to make a character (Lilya) who is slower than Himeko. I didn't think it was possible.
2. It's exactly as you said. They feel insanely clunky. The attack recovery times are too long, chaining attacks either doesn't work or has some awful timing and it seems like dodging from an attack is quite slow, noticeably slower than any other character.
3. They are cute and Russian, which is a positive.
In conclusion: I probably won't bother leveling them. I'm into fast valks like Fu Hua and Rita, so these two are like the complete opposite of that

Author — N1te0wl141


Meaning Liliya is mature enough to be independent, unlike her twin.

Author — Maverick Carreon


Roza: carefree brat depending on Lili and thinking only about idols
Lili: matured sister with perfect ability to counter

Author — AldyZero


Roza: Idol ni nareru!
Lilya: *Let's play Honkai Souls 3rd*

Author — Vendo Mandarinas


I really like Liliya and I started using her. I am mastering her too while playing on stages to farm her frags. She is fun to play with once you get the hang of it.

I use her with Might Of Un-Utu because she is the only great sword I like.

Author — Божидар Гогов


i personally find pairing the twins with god kiana one of the best and fun way to play since they can trigger each others QTE easily with the time bubble a much more safer option to let the pink one spin.

and a side note god kiana first 2 normal attacks (the spear trowing straight towards you) will miss the counter and fly over liliya head, so yeah if you're going to use her on god kiana might need to take note on that not sure if its a hit box or hurt box issue here on JP

Author — GarethXL


Lilia is basically telling us filthy casuls to git gud at royal guarding

Author — Allen Ryan


When I got the update I immediately farmed my fragments for Liliya and now I have her :D

Though when I first used her, her ultimate attack was a little slow but it was really strong.

Author — l i z z y


I remember once you said before, Dawn Judgement is a good weapon, it just Himeko couldn't get all benefit on it and it will good for newer character, and yeah what you said really happen.
Rozaliya and especially Liliya, get full benefit on it and it will become one of best F2P weapon

Author — HCnod Zero


I use Hrungnir with Ryuunosuke set on Liliya. Hrungnir's active closes some distance between you and the enemy. After using the active, you will gain 30% attack speed for 10 seconds. The passive grants Liliya a 25% Total Damage Multiplier. From Ryuunosuke shield, Liliya will gain 40% crit damage. From Ryuunosuke 3 set effect, Liliya will gain another 20% total damage multiplier. And Liliya's passive grants 40% total damage multiplier against weakened or time slowed enemies. So, total damge multiplier against weakened or time slowed enemies is 85%. Against normal enemies is 65%.

Author — Dizzy


**the pink one**

A better valk name, indeed.

Author — Anh T Phùng


Thank you very much for providing the first (and so far only) Pink+Blue guide on YT. Please don't quit HI3 completely for Azurlane!

Author — DrDimitriDark


I adore lillya myself! its an unique playstyle! I enjoy the format of ur videos, what software do ya use to make em if i could know? thanks

Author — Crystalwizardtrue


I'll just say this: Liliya in A Rank is already promising, though Rozaliya in SSS Rank still feels clunky. I kinda hate the fact they don't chase enemy, so even if you are just several units away, if you miss them, you have to stop attacking and chase for them (which is super clunky if I have to use them). Nice guide as always, 3c. Still wondering why they put Liliya using Hrungir and Rozaliya using Balmung in the teaser tho lol

Author — Primatama Nabil


I like how he starts the video with pessimism. Really knows how to destroy the hype lol

Author — Nick Cocjin


Based on my observation, roza's spin attack have 35 rotations per 9 seconds

I am about to put attack speed bonus on roza, so would her rotations per 9 seconds increase or the fixed duration of rotations (9 seconds) shortened?

Author — nobody


I got thru all 5 of the gemina tale with jusy lili and free gears lmao, her ult is very fun to use

Author — Finger Magician


Personally I prefer rozaliya, I’m almost at SS rank for her and she does well on her own.

Author — Nugget


JP name for Roza is Strawberry Bomb, SEA is Molotov Cherry
Both JP and SEA name for Lilia is Blueberry Blitz

I can understand why you don't like them (even though they're cute)

Author — ApharmDJ


so Liliya basically has Royal Guard Release.

Author — LOL623C