3 Things To Do With: TOMATO JUICE

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Each week we're tackling a staple ingredient and conjuring up 3 simple but inspiring recipes with it... this week its tomato juice.

Typically an ingredient you might have in your cupboard or fridge, and we all know it's great in a BLOODY MARY... but how about these new ideas?

Get the full recipes here:-

These are our favourites... but what would you have made?

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Definitely misheard Ben as saying "extroverted olive oil"
It speaks too loudly without realizing it!  It loves to party!  It makes others slightly uncomfortable!  It really wants to hug you but doesn't know how you'd feel about that!

Author — musicbyastrid


Ben is like the sun and the others just rotate around him like planets.

Author — Anna Delephine


i made the chilli today... yummy and healthy! thinking it would also be good for veggie burritos

Author — Georgie


Ben whispers " I think it's quite hot "

Author — Courtney Rae


I want to thank you all, you have been such an inspiration to me. I have loved to cook and bake for such a long time, and just yesterday I started culinary school! I'm so excited!

Author — Emily Snodgrass


I am so glad I got introduced by you guys from Rhett&Link! Guys are amazing!&not to mention good to look at. Keep up the good work!:D

Author — ChelseaAndFanta


I made the chilli for my family this past thanksgiving and they loved it! We don't eat meat so it was the only real source of protein on the table <3

Author — Prof.Mini


all those three dishes look amazing!! love the friendship between you guys :')

Author — Brendahayz Pxh


Wow you guys never fail to amaze me, these all look so delicious! You've done such a great job with yours "3 things to do with..." series, I absolutely LOVE all your videos (and Ben)!

Author — ebish7


In the previous 3-way videos, I was always torn between the three dishes but for today's video I'm going to choose the tomato juice cake as a remembrance of my father's birthday.

Author — Christin N. Waldemar


I seriously love these guys. They make me laugh with every video, their personalities clash in the most terrific ways. XD

Author — Letitia Mc Conalogue


I love the questions from Jaime and Barry!

Author — Nate Humar


“How much do we want?”
“Liberal nuttage”
Mike with gusto: “ I CAN DO THAT!”

Author — Olivia Morgan


Could you do something with instant ramen noodles? I would love to see how you make them into actual dishes!

Author — Arendelles-Avatar


I've been watching you guys for ages now, and still every single time it takes me a few seconds to realize you're not saying "Sorted boiling water".

Author — babybott330


First of: THANK YOU GUYS for a whole video without using any electrical appliances, as a student it often makes it impossible for me to follow a recipe as soon as a food processor or even a blender are involved... And second: darn that cake looks incredibly delicious! Cannot wait to try it!

Author — Bookish Wonderland


I have been absolutely loving these 3 way vids, i'm slightly disappointed this is the final one. hopefully it's a series you guys will consider resurrecting in the future, it's nice to see the whole gang in one video.  

Author — mknappert


Yay! Thanks for the Vegetarian dish! Can't wait to make it <3

Author — Heather Ann


I'm so glad you made a video about tomato juice :) I have way too many tomatoes from my garden that would go bad

Author — InsomniacReader


I always loved Sorted Food, but this time you managed to blow my mind. This had inspired me greatly. My sincere admiration!

Author — Victimesty