The first faked photograph

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The first faked photograph 5

In 1839, Hippolyte Bayard invented photography. And nobody cared.

People usually associate the birth of photography with Louis Daguerre’s Daguerreotype. His process became the first widespread method of photography after France revealed it to the world on August 19, 1839. But there were actually multiple inventors of photography, and one of them was an amateur French tinkerer named Hippolyte Bayard. Even before Daguerre’s process was revealed, Bayard had achieved photographic results.

However, François Arago, the chair of the French Academy of Sciences, overlooked Bayard’s accomplishment and elevated Daguerre’s instead. And as a protest to this perceived injustice, Bayard took a self-portrait depicting himself as an unidentified man in the Paris Morgue who took his own life. This image is not only the first staged photo, it’s also an early example of photography depicting something non-literal and symbolic, laying the groundwork for the medium to be used as a form of creative expression.

Bayard's photographs at the French Society of Photography:

The Impossible Photograph, Michal Sapir:
The New History of Photography, Michal Frizot:

(If you or someone you know is considering self-harm, please seek help through the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.)

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180 years later we took a picture of a black hole 50 million light-years away.

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Did you know that colour didn't exist before modern cameras?

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Bayard literally just said "That feeling when someone uses your work and passes it off as their own"
It was literally a photo and a caption.
Bruh, he made a meme.

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Don't trust a Frenchman. Or a grown man with shoulder long hair. Or a band without a drummer. Actually don't trust anyone

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You might argue that someone else invented the photogaphic process first, but he was the first photographer.

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So a politician had a stake in unveiling of the "first" invention in order to make money .

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So we started taking selfies the moment we invented cameras😁

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Louis Daguerre was a French painter who created "daguerreotypes", a process that gave portraits a sharp reflective style, like a mirror. Now you're totally stuck in the Retro Zone. Sad face.

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“Which process gave birth to the first self-portraits?”
“The Daguerrian Process, Louis Daguerre made his portraits reflective like a mirror”
(Life is strange fans already know what this is)

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"A photograph doesn't always show the truth." Indeed. Question everything you see.

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Lokie lokie, the worlds first "haha, you got pranked the camera is over there"

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darkroom is a very interesting new series that combines both technology, more specifically, film/photography with history! and you know what, I LOVE IT! both of those topics interests me

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