Directions (Short Comedy Sketch)

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Directions (Short Comedy Sketch) 5

Starring Orion Lee, Tom Greaves and Deirdre Mullins.
Producers: Connor Snedecor & Lauris Beinerts
Writer & Director: Lauris Beinerts
Director of Photography: Oliver Cross
Sound Recordists: Janis Sokolovskis & Connor Snedecor
Art Director: Karina Beinerte
Editor: Creda Wilson
Sound Designer: James Bryant
Colourist: Rory Leighton

This is what friends are for!

Which one do you prefer: apple maps or google maps?

We made this video using:
- 34 cans of coke and 3 cans of coke zero (switched towards the end)

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But wait... I thought he was an expert!

Author — DrummerDG


That's why I say, never take directions from a local. You're better off with someone that is relatively new to the city. Once you're lived in a place too long (myself included) you stop remembering vital information like signs and street names and your brain converts to landmarks noone else seriously considers.

Author — Always Learnin'


As a teenager, I worked harvesting crops. I had to ask for directions to a farm - “go to the end of the road, turn right, and you’ll know his place when the grass looks better”.

What’s worse is that I tried to look for ‘better’ grass.

Author — Turquoise412


When I first went to my in-laws house, the direction were simple: Walk for five minutes and turn left when you see a white cow...

Author — Ex-Born Again


You should do "The Expert" part 2 or something. That sketch was pretty clever and fun

Author — FaSCoRP


Standard solution for when this situation happens: "I'd like to mail you a package, please tell me your address."

Author — David Johnson


TFW he's referring to the "Abbit" junction on the Main Rd. where "Thaet st." crosses, which changes into the "Keindoff-Leftische st." at the local bus depot, "Olewaysgle".

Author — Wolf Edmunds


My mom one time told my dad to pick up some takeout from "that restaurant that's on the way to Philadelphia on the right"

Author — Michaela Belle


It's when locals say it's the roundabout before the turnoff to... that really gets me. How do you know it's the one before until you go right past it and have to double back on yourself.

Author — Andy Wright


He must figure it out. Afterall he's an expert!

Author — Harish Vijayakumar Umarji


Dang, even his phone managed to lose IQ... xD  Poor guy.

Author — Wavelength


Uber Driver: where is the spot where you pick up passengers?
Me: we dont have one. Where did you agree to meet?
Uber Driver: Right here.
Me: Where is here?
Uber Driver: right here.
Me: okay what's the name of the street?
Uber Driver: right here.
Me: Okay you and the passenger agreed to meet on a specific street correct?
Uber Driver: yes.
Me: What is the name of that street?
Uber Driver: this one.
Me: What street is on your phone?
Uber Driver: Brown Street
Me: This is not Brown Street.
Uber Driver: My phone says it is.
Me: Have a nice day sir

Author — D Mal


Clever idea! Almost painful to watch! Haha really funny.

Author — Har-De-Har


Why no more short films? These are gold/

Author — Eric Ali


This is my boss explaining where I'm supposed to deliver stuff. I've started interrupting him and just telling him to give me the address instead.

Author — kattepus


This is what happens in london where my phone points me round in circles for half an hour for meetups. That's how I get much of my involuntary exercise.

Author — Trident H


this actually happened to me. The direction was "turn left 2 miles before the black church"

Author — evan King


Directions consist of;
Street name
House number.
Then call a cab.

Author — Matthew Bradley


I feel like if I was this guy, I'd have given up with life and moved into the mountains already.

Author — Vedvart


This guy is way too patient for his own good

Author — mimprincesa