Customize your Twitch Channel like a PRO! (in depth step by step tutorial)

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Customize your Twitch Channel like a PRO! (in depth step by step tutorial) 5

this video shows how to customize your new Twitch channel. From uploading your avatar to your description panels, everything you need to know is included.





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Im sorry but your hair is distracting xD

Author — PrimeCity


Honestly, probably the most underrated twitch tutorials on youtube, High quality and easy to follow! Keep going this helps me and others a lot!

Author — PhaseMT


The clickable links all say 'unless you have a time machine, this content is unavailable.' Anyone know why? the links do work in the search browser

Author — AlexBFC


Panels will never be perfectly displayed. It depends on a lot of things: if people have their following channels panel expanded or not, same with chat window.

Author — Torinux


The wraith one doesn’t work. It sent to my email and everything keeps saying page not found. The thing you were looking for doesn’t exist

Author — Trav Long


Had to Subscribe when I saw the you were helping people level up!


Author — Casadaro Shearrod


I just started following your advices on Twitch and my views count doubled in less than a day, no kidding.
Your tutorials are pure quality!

Author — AlpacaNightLive


I Can't thank you enough! The free overlays just everything! You've helped me strat my stream !

Author — AuraVr


This video is seriously so amazing. Such a great compilation of really logical and valuable tips. Thanks a lot for sharing!

Author — CupOfJasmine


this was helpful bro finally a video with someone helping me, still 0 viewers

Author — Eli Matic


Man, you've been so incredibly helpful to someone like myself who is only now testing the waters of streaming on Twitch. I'm sure I'll get the hang of things eventually but as setting up my twitch profile is currently similar to unlocking the secrets of elven ruins, I cannot thank you enough for the time and patience you've devoted to helping others.

Author — Jonathan Marun-Batista


Just used one of your twitch overlay pacts, THANK YOU (can u show me a link I can put for my schedule)

Author — Drzy_


i just want to say thanks because of you i was able to set up my twitch and gained a couple of subs

Author — SkiddaJarvise


Hi, I want to thank you. I took one of your free overlays! Twitch is pretty new to me. I am disabled and wanted to try something new.

Author — Andy Clewell


Thank you so much dude my twitch profile was so empty without anything in there but thanks to you now I can make it as every other streamer Again dude thank you so much wish you all the best in life <3 <3

Author — HaMaRTAnK


This is exactly what I was looking for! Bought several packs from you, and now the trouble is which one to use first! Taking all your advice and can't wait to start customizing my channel. *giddy school girl squeal*
On a side note, I'd pay well more than a dollar for a Doctor Who theme xD

Author — PaganiniFreak


Hey there! thank you so much for the detailed tutorials in this video, starting my twitch channel atm and hopefully will be able to livestream regularly soon. Your video helps so much, so thank you so much

Author — Antonia Mega Dewi


Literally the only guy that helped across youtube with overlays <3

Author — Kareem Jaber


Thank you for the Help! just started streaming on twitch, and i had absolutely no idea what i was doing, your video helped me tremendously!

Author — Zack Stoddard


my channel looks so much better now, thanks man, bought a pack, love it would pay for a custom one too, definitely worth the subscribe

Author — OdittyCipher