Africa's Most Deadly Snake! ft. The Puff Adder

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The Puff Adder ( Bitis arietans ) is a stocky large-bodied venomous snake growing up to 1.5 metres and belongs to the viper family. The puff adder is famous for having a very loud hiss or puff as a warning signal to potential threats, by inhaling and exhaling large amounts of air through the nostrils. As an ambush predator the puff adder relies on expert camouflage and laying still in thick grasses and bushes, successfully feeding on small mammals and larger amphibians. The venom is predominantly a strong cytotoxin, directly breaking down cells and tissues. The puff adder is considered the most deadly snake in Africa, causing more snakebite fatalities than any other snake in the continent, not because it has the most potent venom, but because it is widely encountered and is easy to step on, as it lies still in its ambush position rather than fleeing immediately (like a cobra will). In the breeding season the male puff adder will release pheromones attracting the female to them, this is often the time when these snakes are encountered. The puff adder moves in a caterpillar fashion but when wanting to flee is able to move quickly in the standard snake s-wave locomotion.

Jack Randall has extensive experience handling and studying wild animals. Where filming with dangerous animals Made in the Wild works with scientists and wildlife institutions. Do not attempt to handle wild animals without appropriate training and permits.

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Jack you are amazing 💗
As always crazy cool ☺️
Lots of love 🙂

Author — ayushi patel


What a beautiful snake! Definitely on our bucket list to see one in the wild. Just found your channel, and loving everything I've watched so far. Easy decision to subscribe!

Author — Herping BC


OH MY GOODNESS! That’s one of my favorite snakes! Along with a simple corn snake I’m so happy your posting more now! ❤️😁

Author — Eliza_T


The puff adder is one of the most beautiful and amazing snakes on the planet. I want to give a big thanks to you for what you do and i hope i can meet you some day.Amazing video

Author — Hudson Dixon


Love your videos! Amazing work! Lots of love from Brazil ❤️

Author — Bianca Macedo


Dear Jack Sir,
Today in India we celebrate Teacher's Day. I want to wish you a happy Teacher's Day for teaching me wonderful things about the nature. 🙏❤

Author — aiims aspire💥


Puff Adders are some of the most iconic and impressive snakes in all of Africa, I can only imagine how exhilarating it must be to work with them up close like that. They are absolutely gorgeous, and it’s a shame that they’re involved in so many fatal snakebite incidents across the continent. I hope that with more education and more videos like this showcasing how special they are, we can learn to love these animals and coexist with them safely. Great work Jack!
- Harrison and Evan

Author — The Wildlife Brothers


Fastest 9 minutes of my life. Thanks Jack!

Author — ChazBretz


I love your channel sooo much! Puff Adder's are so cool!

Author — Hi


Hey Jack be careful !
Amazing video ❤

Author — Gofran Elsmmani


we need season 2 of out there, hhahaha best ever, come to Brazil 🇧🇷🇧🇷

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I really enjoyed watching your videos, I can see your love for animals and especially snakes, I was really affected by that. It's nice to have something you love so much ❤️ Amal from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦

لقد استمتعت حقًا بمشاهدة مقاطع الفيديو الخاصة بك ، يمكنني رؤية حبك للحيوانات وخاصة الثعابين ، لقد تأثرت حقًا بذلك. من الجميل أن يكون لديك شيء تحبه كثيراً ❤️ أمل من السعودية 🇸🇦

Author — Amal Alharbi


So the S shape got me curious. Is that posture helpful to get a spring force that helps it to strike high off ground??

Author — aiims aspire💥


I fell in love with the scales of that snake.💕

Author — beluuvenenciaa_stay


Very beautiful snake ! Your vidéo it’s so cool 👍

Author — IliasBklf


The snake hook you use at the adder is different from your usual one

Author — jeewani sadamali


Is a puff adder really more dangerous than a Forrest Cobra or a cape cobra or a black mamba? I say no to all 3.

Author — B Pino


I liked the video and it is really worth watching. I wish you the best

Author — malak


Thats a BIIIG puffy. If that snake were to tag you it would be a BAD day. A bad WEEK!

Author — Kris Horst


Saw this snake yesterday in our complex 😭🇿🇦

Author — Rapelang M.