aaron zigman - overture

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the notebook ost

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this music makes me wanna fall in love :) <3

Author — milepeke28


just giving you a look into my mind: this song really makes me think of my family and friends and music and how much i appreciate all three... and life itself :) what does it make you guys think about?

Author — whateverfudge


No hay palabras para describirlo, es simplemente es una sensación de amor, de paz, guau!! Hermoso🌹❤️

Author — Georgina Benitez


Que triteza, nostalgía, soledad y mucha esperanza debió haber sentido, sabiendo que lo único que le hace recordar por unos pocos minutos es leyendole el diario de su vivir todos los días. Esperar a que se acuerde o no...el que le está leyendo es el amor de su vida...
Música proveniente del Olimpo, incomparable.

Antofagasta, Chile.

Author — Victor Pereira Rojas


5:40 from there on is just... peaceful. Makes me think of the last scene where Noah climbs into Allie's bed and they fall asleep (forever) peacefully... <3

Author — Sophie


It's like this music it's breaking your heart. How many can be said without words. I love Aaron Zigman <3

Author — irine002


@hayleyreigh It's cut up. It's used throughout the movie. 3/4 of the way is used in the lake scene and the end is used when Noah and Aly die together holding hands. :'(

Author — Lucy Wynn


@gnomaynezita hey do yo know the names of several themes that appear in the movie and dont appear in the soundtrack like one that appears when allie goes to seek for noah

Author — javititou


what part of the movie is this playing at?

Author — hayleyreigh


Can someone please tell me the song played by piano at the 1st love scene right as theyre pulling off clothes ...pretty pweaaaase

Author — There He Go


can anyone say. what instrument is being used in that song. .. like

Author — ONLYVL