Russian Nuclear Missiles 2020

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Russian Nuclear Missiles 2020 4.5

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The Russian attack missiles are taking place in the Russian armed forces.

Ballistic missile "Trans-Umm"

The "Topol-M" ballistic missile is an ICBM, and its design began in the late 1980s. His first test was in December 1994.

The "Tobel-M" missile can be used whether on fixed platforms or mobile missile totals. The number of rockets of this type in the Russian army in the beginning of 2011 reached about 50 missiles installed on fixed platforms, and 15 missiles installed on mobile platforms. Its launch range is 11,000 km.

The missile has 3 stages. It is just over 22 meters long. The mobile missile complex operates at a speed of 45 km per hour. The movement reserve for the vehicle of the mobile missile complex is 500 km.

Tactical technical specifications for the "Tobel-M" missile: the maximum launch range is 11000 km, the missile's weight at launch is 47.1 tons, the number of stages 3, the transported weight is 1.2 tons, the missile's length is 22.7 meters, the missile's diameter is 1.86 meters, the combat charge strength is 0.55 megatons, The permissible deviation is 200 meters.

Ballistic missile "ICR-24".

The RS-24 (Yaris) missile was designed at the Institute of Heat Engineering headed by academic Yuri Solomonov. Providing strategic missile forces with this type of missile will increase the ability of Russian striking missiles to bypass hostile missile shield systems.

The RS-24 (Yaris) missiles, which have a range of 10,000 km, will replace the RS-12M (Topol) and RS18 (Stellate) missiles, knowing that in the future the Yaris will form the nucleus of a group Missiles belonging to the strategic missile forces until the middle of the twenty-first century.

RS-26 intercontinental ballistic missile

The "RS-26" system (Rubig) is a self-propelled missile complex, and it will in the future replace the "Topol" system, which must be completed in the form of a strategic missile force in the late 2000s.

The "Rubij" system was designed and manufactured at the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology, which previously designed the RS-24 (Yaris), RS-12M (Topol), "RS-56" and the Bulava missile. Marine.

It was designed using the RS-24 (Yaris) missile. The RS-26 (RubiG 26) is powered by solid fuel, as is the Yaris. The missile will be installed on land mobile platforms planned to enter strategic missile forces by 2016.
The missile is equipped with a split warhead that can bypass any Western missile shield, and its weight is less than that of its predecessor, the RS-24 missile, which amounts to only 120 tons, and plans to reduce its weight in the future up to 80 tons.

The United States has accused Russia of violating the agreement banning the deployment of medium and short-range missiles in Europe, saying that the "RS-26" missile (Rubig) is intended to destroy targets located over 5,500 km, which is a medium distance.

Tactical missile complex "Iskander-m"

The Iskander-M tactical missile complex is a smart system in the ground forces, and the system is devoted to destroy small-scale targets and targets stationed in the open.

The complex can be equipped with ballistic missiles and wings.

On May 30, 2007 the test of a winged missile for the "Iskandar-M" tactical missile complex ended .. The range of launch of the winged missile is greater than that of the ballistic missile and reaches 500 km.
The speed of the new missile is 230 - 260 meters per second. Its combat payload is equal to 500 kilograms.

Tactical technical specifications of the complex: the complex crew 3 people, movement reserve 650 km,. The weight of the missile is 3800 kg, the types of missiles used in the complex: ballistic controlled and wings, the maximum range for launching the missile is 500 km, the minimum range for launching the missile is 50 km, the number of missiles installed in the platform are two missiles, the number of missiles installed in the transport and construction vehicle are two missiles.

Strategic "Bulava" naval missile

The Russian strategic atomic submarines of the "Bori" project (Alexander Nevsky) and (Yuri Dolgoruky) are supplied with solid fuel-fired "Bulava" missiles.

One of the most important features of these submarines is the provision of 16 intercontinental ballistic missiles, "Bulava", which has a range of 8,000 kilometers and carries fission warheads, each of which is directed separately to the necessary target.

Missiles of this type are powered by solid fuel. As for the submarine itself, it is provided with a rescue cockpit that can accommodate the entire crew. The submarine length of the Bouria project is 170 meters, its width is 13.5 meters, and it works at a maximum depth of 450 meters

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