Dorian Steady for Now Will Impact Windward Islands Late Monday and Tuesday

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Dorian Steady for Now Will Impact Windward Islands Late Monday and Tuesday 5

Levi Cowan creates videos and blogs pertaining to tropical cyclones, primarily hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean. Posts occasionally concern other, non-tropical weather events around the world. Levi is currently a Ph.D. candidate in tropical meteorology at Florida State University, and completed his bachelors degree in applied physics with a concentration in atmospheric physics at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

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Thank you for your scientific, drama-free appoach.

Author — Cydney Wilson


i watched another forecaster's video update, and i can tell you, Levi's is much, much better and more cohesive.

Author — Paolo jacobs


Dorian is one of those storms that you have to keep an eye on cause it's small so a lot can happen with it

Author — Hurricane Weirdo


Levi, thanks for the always provide a good explination to all the possible scenarios. keep up the good work .

Author — Knightmask


Thanks you are my first choice to understand what's going on in the tropics i love your reports it keeps me on guard

Author — Glen Mason


Thank you again for your work.. So necessary for the DR.. So much more info than the cone of death

Author — ZoneTraderPro Order Flow Software


Hi Levi howcome on your aircarft recon we aren't getting any information for dorian...but I think the plane is there already

Author — Kontact 20


Thanks for the work on the video, Levi, and your excellent website. Looks like Dorian may be another victim of the eastern Caribbean graveyard. A path more southerly that avoids traversing Hispaniola would be an interesting possibility. My guess is Dorian won't survive, but that's just a real WAG.

Author — Sar Jim


Dorian is already 60mph it will actually become hurricane soon

Author — eric131313


Now could this storm hit NC? I know it’s mostly unpredictable but should I at least keep an eye out

Author — Seth Toler


Do you realize now how way off forecasting is? WAY OFF none of the models put it EAST or Puerto Rico and going north, North west as it is now 8-29-19

Author — Freddy rosenberg


my son wants to tail you us in North Carolina Could get 54 Kt Winds Tomorrow!

Author — cathy willis


That dust plume coming off Africa is rather far north. The next wave emerging has a chance to develop.

Author — Joe Momma


I bet In2ThinAir was the only person who disliked this video.

Author — Archie Bunker


Here we go, the real Hurricane season is coming!

Author — JoshCT


thanks for the update but the navgem (navy model?) is bringing dorian as a powerful storm in to southern florida at the long range .i know that this model is not as good as the euro and the gfs but this storm bears watching just in case.

Author — perrandy2011


This happened in 1987 with Hurricane Emily, similar track, small pocket hurricane that reached cat 3 almost reaching Hispaniola, and entered the DR as a cat 2, not saying this is the same case, but small storms are complicated.

Author — Alfredo nm