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[OnePlus 6 Review]

Never Settle. It is the core of the OnePlus philosophy – the mantra that, to some, makes it more than just another smartphone company. But OnePlus has indeed "settled" in one sense: it’s traded the brash claims of its youth for the calm consistency of maturity, churning out smartphones year after year that deliver on its central promise of value. So from a storytelling perspective, the OnePlus 6 is frustratingly predictable. Because what it is is what it’s always been: more smartphone for less money. So the narrative is predictable too: it’s still one of the best buys in wireless. I’m MrMobile; this is the OnePlus 6 review.



OnePlus 6 Review [Android Central]:

OnePlus 6 Hands-On



MrMobile's OnePlus 6 Review was produced following 10 days with a OnePlus 6 review device provided by OnePlus. The device as reviewed was the 8GB/128GB Matte Black version, which received three software updates during the review period. It was tested on T-Mobile US in Boston and across New Mexico in the United States.


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Excellent review as always Mr. Fisher.

Author — Black Conservative Patriot


ok time to watch^^ still doubting about getting one at the moment.

Author — Concept Creator


I like your reviews for the fact that you not only dont start with "Hello guys this is a review and these are the specs and everything is good". Your reviews are like a well written book. They consist of impeccable stylistic devices, each one has a core theme you follow through and all that is presented in a very professional and easy-to-listen-to way. You even vary which aspects you mentione at which time according to your core theme and the device. I just feel like you really put effort in these. Best tech reviewer hands down. And by the way, your taste in music is excellent.

Author — ItsTheLukiss


Why do tech reviewers complain about not having front facing speakers. But when a phone do have it, y'all complain about bazels

Author — Antony Shujaa


He deserves more subs than MKBHD. He is so underrated compared to MKBHD.

Author — Mohamed Naufal


The review that I had been waiting for... Mr Mobile never disappoints !!!

Author — Md. Asif Ali


The cheapest Pixel 2 is $920 where I live. But the fully speced out OnePlus (256GB/8GB RAM) is "only" $720. Yeahh, I'll go for the OnePlus thank you.

Author — alebone


Please OnePlus, release a smaller phone called the OnePlus X2

Author — Rafael Santos_7


This is the review I've been waiting for. I agree that the glass back with no wireless charging is stupid...but I also don't like slippery as a wet bar of soap build that also comes from that bad decision. And well, that useless notch....Everything else seems like a good compromise....and I'm not a OnePlus fan, I've never owned one. I honestly was waiting for what your opinion was on this one before I made up my mind on this. And for the first time I'm actually interested enough to even consider them, and that's the reason why I keep on coming back here. You are the best of the best, Michael!

Author — Michael Livote


"very polite storms up there" LMAO

Love your stuff man!!

Author — MrMystereee


To those who bash this phone just get a OnePlus device and you'll see how amazing these phones are ...I still have a 3T and not day of lag on this thing ...its buttery smooth and flies 🙌

Author — Matthias Rambally


That train shot was amazing. And one of the standout of your reviews that you do better than others, the script writing. The way you used words is top notch and poetic.

Author — mr559


To be honest, I think I’m not the only one who feel that @MrMobile did a better review than @MKBHD on this phone.

Author — Martin Johnson


Marques Brownlee who?
It's Mr Mobile the best out there 😎

Author — Sarthak 2811


If you want the dash, drop the cash.

One Plus, you better take notes for your next campaign.😂

Author — Sulieman Ali


One of my favorite reviewers. Not afraid to call out the flaws when other reviewers brush it over afraid of losing sponsorship. Money grabbing twits

Author — Anzetal


That sneaky Phil Collins at 7:13 tho.

But seriously...

Author — Kasim Hussain


5:52 I like the rhyme, it is on point =D

Author — Cekrom


The review that I've been waiting for.
The review that matters.

Author — Dandalandan117


I waited so many months for this phone. But after I saw there wasn't any wireless charging or a wide angle lense, I went with a LG V30 for about $400.

Author — Grey Goose