How the next president could change policing | 2020 Election

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How the next president could change policing | 2020 Election 4.5

What the candidates can (and can’t) do about police reform.

Police reform is a major issue in the 2020 election, yet it’s also one of the issues the president has little control over. Police are primarily funded and managed by local governments instead of the federal government. So when it comes to what the president or Congress can actually do to change policing in America…it’s pretty limited.

But the federal government does have the power to change what's called qualified immunity. It’s a legal protection that shields police from lawsuits over violations of people’s constitutional rights. For protesters of police brutality, reforming it is at the top of their list. And its future could hang on the election.

This was the fifth in our series of 2020 election explainers, all based on viewer suggestions. Watch the others, which cover the stakes of the election on:

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America is that reality show no one asked for

Author — the universe


“i didn’t know shooting a kid was wrong”

Author — Alison Joy


If the police officer “didn’t know”, means that they are not qualified for the job



Citizen: that cop violated my rights!
Judge: ok makes sense
Cop: but I didn’t know!

Judge: understandable, have a nice day.

Author — Ramiz Kay


Instead of "Make America Great Again", the new slogan should be Teach America Common Sense!

Author — Saru Thilageswaran


I get why Qualified Immunity was created, but it clearly doesn't belong, it should at least have restrictions

Author — Fabricio Burkhow


“What did you do?”
“I shot and killed an 8 year-old for no reason at all while he was sitting in a red chair”
“Ok, I’ll let you off for qualified immunity. If the 8 year-old had been sitting in a blue chair, it would’ve been illegal. We haven’t yet decided on a law for sitting in a red chair.”

Author — Metadragon


"Ignorance of the law is no excuse"
Unless you're a cop, apparently.

Author — zeybarur


So the saying “ignorance of the law is no excuse” only applies to civilians?

Author — Lamtitude


"You are sentenced for first degree murder..."
"But I didn't know!"
"Understandable, have a nice day"

Author — Game Pirate


If this gets posted to Facebook I guarantee some “not racist” people will say “why was she involved with a suspect/criminal in the first place” 🙄🙄🙄

Author — Chun-kai Feng


That woman shouldn't have even had to sue them for ruining her house and leaving it looking like vandals tore it up. She should've automatically gotten compensation for that. She complied, gave them the keys to her house, and everything. Are you telling me she's not due money for how they destroyed her house? That's messed up.

Author — Riri Pari


Im no expert on US politics, but by all means Qualified Immunity sounds like a fancy way of saying institutional police corruption

Author — Dave DO


This is the kind of excuse a child would use. This is the problem when the judicial branch starts legislating.

Author — Antony C


If a normal person breaks the law and claim they didn’t know it doesn’t matter they’ll still go to jail so why do police officers who are actually supposed to know the law allowed to claim I didn’t know

Author — Chap 567


Wait up. If I can't sue Police unless someone else hasn't already sued them then no one can sue for any reason.

Author — Lucia M.Calder


wow, this system is like a child making excuses to their mom.
Child: "BUT MOM! you never said that I can't draw on the wall."
Mother: "Well, STOP drawing on the wall!!"
Child: *starts drawing on the floor.

Author — MintySoda


Women: you can use the keys to open the door

Police: ok she’s gone we can have fun now

Author — Commzard


This is why ppl dont trust cops. Cause no one will hold them accountable

Author — mazing32able


The more I watch this series the more I realise america bad country to live.

Author — Sudarshan Dev