Jamyang Tsering, Ladakh's BJP MP Slams Congress For Not Doing Enough For The Region

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Jamyang Tsering, Ladakh's BJP MP Slams Congress For Not Doing Enough For The Region 4.5

Speaking on the debate on J&K Reorganisation Bill, BJP’s MP from Ladakh Jamyang Tsering said that nothing except livelihood of two families will be lost due to the bifurcation of Jammu & Kashmir.

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Who else has watched this more than once.

Author — abhishek rathore


Amit Shah be like: "That's my boy".

Author — The Bass Doctor


Best supporting actor award goes to - Aye Chup Aye Chup Aye Chup...

Author — Arshdeep Sokhal


This guy single handedly destroyed liberals and congress

Author — Ankan Ghosh


ये साला एक बार से ज्यादा लाइक का बटन क्यो नही दबा सकता ।।

Author — Pushpendra Singh


We all deserve a friend who defends us like the "ay Chupp!!" Guy.

Author — ArtWizardSam


I'm happy to see Amit Saha's reaction. How happy he is



Who else watched this wonderful speech more than once 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳💪💪💪💪💪

Author — akshay Ch


सुनने की क्षमता रखिये । लद्दाख का भारतीय बोल रहा है।

Author — Rajat mishra


When Backbenchers comes to Debate

Author — Keyur Waghela


To all the people who is reading this - I am from ladakh and I have been a fan of jamyang tsering namgyal from day 1 . His ideas, values, humour, orator skills gets me every time . This is really a trailer. I felt the goosebumps people in the comment section are talking about when he was similarly going against the congress after the result of election 2019 of ladakh with lots of humour and data . (In ladakhi language ofcourse which means a lot more confidence in him making it more effective ) . And I certainly think he ll be one of the most amazing leaders of ladakh . PROUD .

Author — Tsering Deskit


बेशर्मो का धोती खोल कर इज्ज़त उतारा गया, सारा हिन्दुस्तानियों के बीच इन बेशर्मो का पोल खोल कर रख दिया गया।

Author — Asim Sinha


Quint : Why fasting is dangerous for human body during Navratri?
Also Quint : How can Humanity endure fasting just like Ramzan?

Author — Himanshu Sirohi


I am from West Bengal .
I support this bill and article 370, 35A

Author — Swapan Thander


ये लद्दाक के लड़के ने सभी कांग्रेसियों को पेल कर रख दिया दम है इसमें

Author — Rampravesh Giri


I don't follow any political parties but we need leaders like these to lead the country. Great speech by a charismatic man. Hope good things happen in the coming years. Stay united Indians.

Author — Sheikh Osama


इसको कहते हैं सौ सुनार की एक लोहार की कांग्रेसियों के यह मां चोद के रख दी इस लड़के ने



This person has a huge potential to become a future PM of india. The charisma in the speech. Wow. No wonder he won with such a huge margin in ladakh.

Author — Utopia XV


Everybody in the comment section is talking about this GEM but I wonder howcome a biased channel like Quint even uploaded this masterpiece . :p

Author — p b


Why can’t we have more politicians like him?! 😭 Why do we have to be stuck with politicians like Pappu?! 😔
Time for a change ✌️

Author — Astro Philosophy