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This video is the first guitar lesson for absolute beginners. Even if you've been popping around YouTube for a while, you might find some helpful tips in this video. Most first guitar lessons on YouTube start you too far along in the process. The goal of your first guitar lesson is to build confidence and give you a solid foundation.

That's why in my first guitar lessons for absolute beginners I show you exactly what I teach most of my students in their first guitar lessons with me. 1. How to navigate the strings 2. How to navigate the frets 3. How to builds chords and 4. How to put them together and strum them to start learning songs.

You will be learning about the left hand, the right hand, chords, strumming and so much more.

But here is a list of a few of the songs you can learn with my special beginner guitar chords:

Bryan, Luke - Drink A Beer
Chapman, Tracy - Talking About A Revolution
Clapton, Eric - Wonderful Tonight
Cranberries, The - Zombie
Lynard Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama
Marshall Tucker Band - Can't You See
Osborne, Joan - What If God Was One Of Us
Pink - A Million Dreams
Pearl Jam - Last Kiss
Rucker, Darius - Wagon Wheel
Sheeran, Ed - Perfect
Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl
Young, Neil - Heart Of Gold

Just to name a very limited few songs that you will be have access to after my first guitar lesson for absolute beginners.

Here are the chapters for my First Guitar Lesson for absolute beginners video:

0:00 - Intro & Background
1:20 - Exercise 1
3:12 - Close-up
4:12 - Exercise 2
8:05 - Close-up
8:55 - First Two Guitar Chords
11:13 - Close-up
12:16 - First Guitar Strum
13:53 - Easy C Chord for Guitar
17:07 - Easy G Chord for Guitar
18:39 - Easy D Chord for Guitar
21:16 - Chord Practice Tips

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Thank you for watching my First Guitar Lesson For Absolute Beginners video.

Lauren :)

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New beginner at age 70. Your exercises are helpful. Find I have to go slower with spider exercise and picking. All so new and enjoying it. I practice about half hour a day. Sometimes a bit less. Hardest part for me is getting fingers into position and will stick with it. You are easy to understand and patient.

Author — @GailCrissinger


As a 76 year old, I finally have dug in and started enjoying learning guitar. Your kind and gentle approach makes it so easy to stay motivated, and I'm sure the little bits of progress I am making are providing a solid foundation for continued improvement. This makes learning fun! Well done and thank you.

Author — @fishybanana


You are a really good teacher and thx for making it really simple for a dummy like me. I tried to pick it up when I was younger but gave up. You have really motivated me. Many thx from a 60 year old 😉

Author — @Joergenator


TY Lauren! ....just took my first lesson with you here. Im an old trumpet player for many dont have the lungs for that anymore...but still have that fire in me so Im learning the guitar. I love it. Thanks again....I have also subscribed.

Author — @meaty109


Lauren Bateman is far and away the most thorough, patient and sincere professor of guitar I have as yet encountered. Thank you so much for your selfless effort and exceptional attitude. Please continue in good health. Michigan USA.

Author — @richardchzreska


Hi Lauren. I tried to begin playing guitar a couple years ago but then hurt my left hand and gave up. Since I recently found your channel, I am back at it . Thank you for simplifying things for us older guys who just want to make some music in spite of our wear and tear. Keep up your excellent work. God bless, Chris.

Author — @tri-statesquatchers4987


I've been playing guitar/bass for quite a while but I just bought my sister a guitar and I've been looking for digestible, easy-to-follow, beginner demo's. This is by far the most patient and simplistic I've come across, excellent for 1st timers! 👌

Author — @noelstemple


Playing the guitar has been always a goal of mine. I had tried to look into tutorials on YT for a while but have always founds myself getting frustrated right away. Your method and way of teaching is absolutely helpful and I’m so glad I found you. Thank you.

Author — @luisam.carvajal1124


Can’t praise your patient and simplified yet thorough approach to your lessons enough. And there is a brilliant singing voice hiding in there ♥️

Author — @carlhosker1544


Hey Lauren. Since you asked for goes. At first I didn't think this video would be for me because I've been playing (at) guitar for over 45 years and have done right hand picking/strumming exercises and "the spider" for a while now. However, I found your breakdown very helpful, especially using only 3 fingers (to start with) for the spider exercise instead of 4. I can do the spider with the pinky but I can do it a lot cleaner and faster with 3 fingers. And the way you linked the first exercise to the second was really smart -- and helpful. Thanks. I got a lot out of the video and it changed the way I practice/warm up.

Author — @skaybaltimore


Hey Lauren! Just another 60 something year old thanking you for these amazing slow lessons and making it much more fun to learn the guitar at an older age! You rock!!! Thank you! I really appreciate you!

Author — @jilprantner6322


Hi. I always wanted to learn guitar but I had a broken ring finger that set with a bad bend. Chords and notes were such a struggle so I gave up. Im now 54 and disabled so decided to try again. I have found your basic lessons and exercises have helped my fret hand immensely. I’m now looking forward to learning guitar and for the first time being positive about it. Thank you.

Author — @jordanjohnston2119


Lauren what a fantastic video you really are a superb teacher you have got me playing my guitar that I gave up thinking I could never do it as I’m an old man with arthritis but your method is brilliant thank you so much for you time and patience best regards from Derrick in Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Author — @MrDexcars


Ms. Lauren Bateman's the best online teacher I've ever had! Beginner friendly, very easy to follow unlike other guitar instructors around! I highly recommend this teacher! I learned a lot from her through her videos alone and learned my first easy song from her as well! Thank you very much, Ms. Lauren! 🫡👏😀🥰

Author — @seanjan929


Dear Lauren, l like your mehod of teaching the guitar chords and secondly you have so much patience to explain so softly. Above all you have incredible understanding for many elderly people,
I like to thank you for that too. Usually I learn one metod or two method to continue my guitar lesson on your channel.

Author — @aslamahmed2564


My guitar arrives in 3 days, I’m 56 and neurodivergent. You deliver this fabulously! With a limited income I am able to celebrate the fact I might actually learn something without the financial limitation ❤

Author — @autism_me_


Thank you so much. I've been playing guitar for years. My great grand sons have asked me to teach them guitar, after I gave them each a guitar. I didn't know where to start, I sure didn't want to send them down the road to destruction lol. It can be very confusing for 2 ten year boys. So this was a great help and I will get them to check out your classes. I know they will enjoy and learn a lot
You are a great teacher and I think this will be good for them both. Thank you sincerely BOB C

Author — @bobcogar841


By far the best teacher! I started learning to play 7 weeks ago at 68 years of age. I am learning for the most part from a very well constructed manual which is great. However I find your videos extremely helpful and a pleasure to help learn from. Did I notice that when you strum it is on a slight angle? I think my strumming might be too vertical! Thanks for the patient and considerate way you do the videos.😊

Author — @briandocherty2757


This is a *fantabulous* lesson, Lauren! You're such a good instructor. Seriously. 👍BTW, I incorporated your tips on applying less pressure on the strings. I definitely noticed a *WAY less painful* practice session. Thank you for this brick-by-brick playlist! 🎶😄

Author — @JBreply


Your way of explaining is really good! Never had such easy lessons!

Author — @BabarAli-kt6qy