2019 Rolls Royce Phantom vs 2019 Aurus Senat

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2019 Rolls Royce Phantom vs 2019 Aurus Senat 4.5

Rolls Royce Phantom
Engine Size: V12 6.8L
From £355,000

Aurus Senat
Engine: 6.6-litre V12
Price: $170,000

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So many RR and Aurus owners in comment section 😂

Author — Alex P


I want an Aurus! The car look so damn good!! My dad was a owner of a rare Lada here in usa back in the day. He loved it so much!

Author — David Si


Incredible that in a $400K plus Rolls Royce, they have cooled seats as an option... What in the hell?

Author — Lilrick96


Aurus puts out a good show against the RR. Very ambitious attempt. All respect ✊ to Aurus.

Author — marc963


This video proves RR is overpriced lol

Author — memeducação


So you added the official promo videos of each manufacturer and that's it.
no ides why you got 1.1m subs. What a joke!

Author — Freddy Chale


Both very nice cars. Really interesting to see this Russian vehicle. Quite impressive. As for the Phantom, well it speaks for itself really.

Author — RCBM


I feel in my heart that this car is running on the prev. gen x5 mechanicals...just a hunch...

Author — Mabutho Radebe


Скажу фантом но сенат уже не плохо но надо работать работать и работать

Author — Дмитрий Завьялов


I know that 2019 Rolls-Royce Phantom is built for the Chengdu motor show

Author — PadmaNaidu Payavula


I hope the Russian Aurus Senate com's in both right hand drive and left hand drive for various countries.

Author — Cosmos Daniel


сравни 250 и 355 тыщ баксов :), Т 50 и F 35 , тоже цена в нашу пользу :)

Author — 11111BRAT


я смотрю, в комментариях только потенциальные владельцы люкс каров и авто эксперты мирового уровня (из

Author — cosa nostra


Music in this video on screens of Aurus so scare😬 At night just scared of this 😄

Author — RVB Records


Аурус красивей и брутальней), это точно.

Author — Иван Кадьколенко


The Rollsky Royceky from Russia. (RRR)

Author — Jaccb.A LIJIN


Absurda comparacion...
Yo poseo los dos vehiculos.el uno muy lejos del otro...

Author — Helmuth Kaór Narváez Bastidas


Ройс даже не полный привод, и чем он лучше то ?

Author — Roma Watercolor


Every car manufacturer wants to emulate RR, even the MB Maybach has tried.THAT SHOULD TELL YOU EVERYTHING.

Author — Peter Feltham


Both of them look good, since these cars are way out of my league I can only watch it on YouTube

Author — Happy Robins