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How Fox News Covered Michelle Obama vs. Melania Trump | NowThis 4.5

Does Fox News have a double standard when it comes to the First Lady of the United States? Here's how Fox News' coverage of former First Lady Michelle Obama compares to their coverage of current FLOTUS Melania Trump.

There seems to be a double standard when it comes to Fox News' first lady news coverage. From Melania Trump fashion to Michelle Obama fashion, Melania Trump comments to Michelle Obama comments, Fox News Melania Trump coverage is very different than Fox News Michelle Obama coverage. It is clear that there is quite a difference in how Fox News depicts the First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) in the Trump administration vs the Obama administration. See how Fox News' FLOTUS coverage of Melania Trump and Michelle Obama compare side by side in this video.

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“She needs to drop a few”

Says the guy who’s belly hangs over his belt

Author — Ethan


The one guy who says Michelle Obama needs to “drop a few” should really look at himself.

Author — Eva Bucke


Michelle Obama: lives life as a successful black women



Who's the Asian commentator criticising Michelle? She's making us Asians look terrible, What an utter disgrace.

Author — Bing Bing


And people says fox news isn’t biased 🤦🏼‍♀️🙄

Author — Louise Morrissey


Black people: Live a successful life

Fox: that’s very illegal

Author — Ayanle Yusuf


It’s like how the media treated Megan Markle and Kate Middleton in the UK. It’s disgusting. 💔☹️😭 it’s disgusting to watch. Breaks my heart 💔. All because of her skin colour

Author — Hollie David


"No, we are not racist, racism doesn't exist anymore."
This *whole* video can prove you that racism is real and white privellage is something we have to end right now.

Author — akaja


Racism. That’s it. That’s why they never liked Michelle Obama.

Author — M S


“the nanny state” I’m sorry but as a European, hearing someone call the us a nanny state is making me laugh out loud. The US let’s it people die

Author — Lia Dors


They're talking about what Michelle is wearing but Melania Trump has been nude in magazines

Author — Jan Chacon


this is so contradictory. 
"you can't judge someone for their wardrobe" while simultaneously criticizing Michelle Obama for wearing a $7, 000 jacket?

Michelle Obama came from a poor background, has two degrees from two of the top US universities, worked her way up, and become an advocate for many things, making herself an amazing role model. What did Melania do? Marry Donald Trump.

Author — James Harney


“I have never seen a First Lady being attacked like this.”

I have, it happened to Michelle Obama by you guys.

Author — twigx


This exposes essentially one critical thing: America is a fake country.

Author — ሳሙኤል ኤርትራዊ


These people in FoxNews referred themselves as Christian? Shame on them.

Author — Andrew Ngo


I can’t even watch past 1 minute, that’s how much this disgusts me

Author — GJ Goldman


Fox news:"Leave the First Lady alone"

Them again: *HEY, Michelle! Stop doing that, your not supposed to.*

Author — Gamin'Patrick


The guy who called Michelle "fat" needs to "drop some too".

Author — Matt


Did the media just compared a gold-digger model with an intelligent woman like Michelle Obama who studied at Harvard and so on? Are they insane?

Author — XYL Art


this is disgusting. i can’t even put into words how influential michelle obama is

Author — larissa denninger