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Great video content. Cheers from Down Under, Davin

Author — Dr Davin Lim


Im a 41 year old man and I've used Retin a for years and years. I use it on my face, under my eyes, on my neck and my hands. As my body has aged, my joints worn out, my near vision failed, my skin has got younger and younger. After years of Retin a use, my skin look like smooth stretched rubber, not a single pimple, no wrinkle or spot. Nothing. It's become pale and freakishly smooth. People ask me all the time my skin looks so nice. It's a life commitment to me, I've not been in the sun for 25 years and I wear a Japanese spf 50 every day. I love Retin A!

Author — M C


I love the Q&A's!! Every single one has been extremely helpful. i have been using tretinoin for 15 years and my own dermatologist did not provide such detailed information to me! thank you!

Author — Daria


I your vids. I’m addicted. And I’m learning so much! The beauty industry is so full of misinformation so I really appreciate you taking the time to inform us about what the real, evidence based tea is. You do such a good job!! Your vlogs in store make me laugh aloud! Thanks for the content!

Author — S Akintorin


Thank you so much for all you offer here, Andrea. Beyond the practical information you share, it's obvious that you care. I sincerely appreciate that you have chosen to take the time to share your expertise and I understand that you have spent years of study and practice to reach this point. That is so generous of you, and I sincerely thank you.

Author — Holly


Dr Dray, can you please do a video on your med school experience and why you chose dermatology as a specialty? Thank you! :)

Author — JamieNTT


Thank you doctor! So much to learn from you. I am currently watching all your Retin A videos. I want to better understand the retinoid I've been using. 💖 So easy to understand you!!

Author — Mercedes Arnao


Dr.Dray you have done it once again! You made yet another video on something RIGHT after I'm prescribed it. You have been SO helpful in my journey to clear skin. Really looking forward to your video on retin-a and acne! Can't thank you enough for these videos.

Author — hannah


Hey Dr Dray! Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the content you post! Do you recommend jumping from 0.013% Tretinoin to 0.05%? Using it gradually, of course. I’ve been using 0.013% Tretinoin every day on my skin without irritation.

Author — No Scrubs


Wonderful! For my money you are the ONLY one on YouTube anyone should be listening to regarding all things skin!!!

Author — Joy McCourt


I love your videos! You've made me so much more conscious in my skin care regimen and advice I accept from others. I've been using differin for about 4 months and it completely cured my acne just got a tube of retin a I'm excited to see the difference it makes. I'm only 21 and I wear sunscreen every day because of you I'm so lucky I found you in my early 20's you are saving my skin from future abuse!!

Author — SB


Thank you! Very valuable info. I appreciate you taking the time to educate us and making us informed consumers. Now when I see those expensive face creams that advertise their retinol content miracles, I just skipped them knowing that the effects of it might not be as good. I do, however, use a prescribed retinoid, but the skin peeling continuous to be a problem and I have been using it at least twice a week since April of this year. I guess I have to be patient until my face adapts to it. Also, I live in Vegas where the climate is very dry, so it could be a contributor to this side effect. Thanks again Dr. Dray. Happy Holidays! Sending lots of blessings to you and your mom!!

Author — Vicky Herrera


Huzzah! Thank you so much for devoting a (preliminary) session to topical retinoids! You really do address our questions, which I sincerely appreciate. Thank you for the entertaining and enlightening content!

Author — Decomposingfigure


This video was so helpful! I just got started on a 0.5% tretinoin cream at night with a clindamycin gel in the morning. I’ve been super nervous about starting but this made me feel so much better!

Author — Hails


This is a fabulous video! There is so much misinformation floating around the internet and YouTube! One area that really needs clarification is the differences in efficacy of tretinoins versus adapalene and tazerotene. Hopefully people will get the message that sunscreen is not negotiable anytime but especially when using a retinoid. So grateful to have your expertise. Hugs!

Author — Palladio 1500


Dr. Gray! One of my fave videos of yours! Thank you. You have such a way of explaining in layman’s terms all the science & evidence behind meds. I wish all the Utubers who discuss Retin A would watch your video. Thank you from a RN. P.S. you are just delightful & brilliant.

Author — Janine McKenna


I’m 24 and just got my first tretinoin cream, although only 0.025%. I have acne scars as well as some acne here and there. I’m so excited to start it!

Author — Raspberry


Very informative. I'm going to start moisturizing before putting on my Retin A. I always thought that might make it less effective. Thank you!

Author — Nancy


I just turned 50 and went to the dermatologist because of your videos. No skin issues yeah! Thank you again for sharing your time and knowledge with us.

Author — A Bow


i love dr dray like honestly. These videos are so informational, straight to the point, and above all actually accurate like God bless

Author — peaches n cream