BTH 16 | On Srinagar's Streets, Universal Condemnation of 370 Move

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BTH 16 | On Srinagar's Streets, Universal Condemnation of 370 Move 3.5
The Wire's Siddharth Varadarajan travelled to Srinagar to report on how ordinary people in Kashmir have responded to the scrapping of Article 370 and the end of statehood for J&K. Only two of the dozens of men and women he spoke to agreed to be filmed; the rest said they feared being victimised for speaking out.

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द्वंद कहां तक पाला जाए
युद्ध कहां तक टा ला जाए
तू भी है राणा का वंशज फेक जहा तक भाला जाए
दोनों तरफ लिखा हो भारत सिक्का बही उछाला जाए
जय हिन्द


Author — Chanakya sharma


Please restart the mobile services
I want to talk to my family I'm Kashmiri pandit

Author — All Rounder


Hari Singh was the King of Kashmir... A Rajput King... Why there is no Rajput in Kashmir today ?

Author — R Rikhi


Closed minds .... Destroying not just present but also future of their kids !

Author — Mukesh Negi


2 Interviewees and a title 'Universal condemnation' lol

Author — mehuljens


My family is in kashmir I want to talk them are they dead or alive 😢

Author — jason spencer


Pandits ko nikalna kya gundagardi nahi tha?
Agar 370/35A symbolic hain toh : baaki ke Hindustan kyon J&K mein immovable assets own nahi kar saktein thein, jo ki J&K-waale aur kahi kar saaktein hain? Valmiki samuday kyon 'safai' chorkein kuch aur nahi kar saktein thein? Dusree minority samuday-waale ko reservation ka support kyon milta tha? Tiranga kyon nahi udtaa tha?
'Humara Ladakh' ka 70 years mein kyon development nahi hua? University kyon nahi? Aam logon kaa zindagi comfortable kyon nahi? Parliament mein representation kyon nahi? J&K state assembly kyon ek bhi bill unke hith me laya nahi (pass to dur ki baat)?

Author — Gautam Saha


Glad to see brave neutral media exists in communal mafia ruled dictator hindia. .
kashmiris are intelligent brave people and nothing can compromise them other than stàte autonomy ... all stunt, brutal arrogance of bjp's 3 musketeers (susu, amit & modi) over 370 kashmir will be answered by mother nature - God...!!!

Author — Ashok kumar


Though I am not a fan of BJP and their policies, I stand by the Centers decision on this.
Economic progress is the only way forward for Kashmiris. We need to take the youth off the streets and expend their energies on employment and improving their standard of living along with their families. But doing this will be a hard task as Mullas would be directly opposed to power dilution and will tell the youth to stay away from employment even if opportunities are available. This will be the real deal maker/breaker for lasting peace in Kashmir.

Author — kodaii23


Never visited or highlighted Rohingya issue on your channel or whar article 370 did wrong with india. If have courage then show us.

Author — mihir Nanal


Jammu and Ladakh are happy as they are not communal. That's the proof.

Author — Robbie dicappa


J & K is gone out of the control of Indian union

Author — A K


Hitler of the East, MODI. Free the Kashmiris.

Author — Nasreen Azam


Speaking to two person means will of whole J& K for this Siddharth Verdhrajan. He is a known Anti National.

Author — tushar tkt


SIDDHARTH, Hats off to ur bravery, courage n fearless reporting from ground zero. This is called genuine journalism . Please keep on doing for the sake of peace loving lndian people bcoz we r with Kashmiri people .what has happened with them is very sad n painful , we r with them .God bless J k n it's people

Author — Thomas Vas


Ultimately Kashmir, Jammu, Ladhak got FREEDOM.

Author — RK Rishikesh Sinha


Thank u wire channel
From the core of heart
To reach the ground reality of
news to public...

Author — Mohd ali


10:00 now they are saying about ladakh...which they have ignored and discriminated since 70 year's....

Author — Believer


You are wire with no positive current capacity.. Hopeless you are

Author — Trinay deshmukh


The Wire, go and ask laddaki people's opinions too because laddaki demanded for UT in 1949.(specifically Buddhists who had been suppressed for Centenary)

Author — Vivek.M