Elizabeth Vargas Part 1: Grappling with Anxiety

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ABC News' Elizabeth Vargas sat down with Diane Sawyer to tell the story of her life that she has not told before.

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I have so much respect for this woman. God bless her, she deserves all the best.

Author — odeb


Life can be hard and we're all struggling with something. Good for her that she found her way back.

Author — Gwendolyn Taylor


I so love you ms Vargas! Courage and honesty. It is true. Your story makes me think of my anxiety and depression and ptsd. We use to self medicate and help. And it turns on us. No shame me Vargas. You are an overcomer beautiful soul!! So intelligent and encouragement..dios contigo no Amiga! Xxoo

Author — Jeannie Salinas


Today, I am 7 days sober. Elizabeth, your story has helped me tremendously.

Author — Catherine N


I really admire her and i think God is on her side. That's all she needs

Author — Jami Abell


This was sorry. She has drinking. Diane has it

Author — murphy murf


I love when beautiful people can admit when they hate what their fame can do.👆😍👆 #beautifulpeople #feminism #role #supermodel Get Out😔😟😕🙁☹️😞😒😔
....My nanny did that better than my own mom. #dropdeadgorgeous

Author — Sarah


So money and she doesn’t even know it.

Author — Jason Schauer