What Joe Biden won – and what he didn't

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What Joe Biden won – and what he didn't 4.5

Biden beat Trump. Now what? Ezra Klein explains.

The 2020 US election is over, and former vice president Joe Biden will be the 46th US president. He’s the first to defeat an incumbent president in 28 years, and he did it in part by unifying the Democratic Party against Donald Trump, bringing members of the party’s left wing into his campaign after beating Bernie Sanders in the primary, and crafting an aggressive policy platform.

But Biden’s agenda will most likely be met by a Republican-controlled Senate, whose leader, Mitch McConnell, presided over the complete stonewalling of the last Democratic president’s agenda, and likely intends to do so again. This despite the fact that many of Biden’s policies enjoy the support of most Americans, and McConnell’s Senate caucus represents a minority of them.

In other words, Biden’s decisive victory margin of several million votes was basically good enough for a stalemate. In this video, Vox editor-at-large Ezra Klein explains what makes that possible -- a Republican Party dedicated to making sure a minority controls the country -- and how Joe Biden’s first priority should be unwinding that system back to democracy.

Read more about the Biden presidency from Vox:

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“-and a Mitch McConnel senate"
*This did not age well*

Author — Infinite Things


Who's here after Biden has won and the Dems flipped the Senate after the runoff races in Georgia?

Author — JaylindenXX


Watching this after democrats won the Georgia runoffs 😂

Author — Noe Clattenburg


Biden is not my president, neither was Trump. I'm not even American, why am I watching this.

Author — pokoyo


Who's here after the senate turns democratic

Author — SickLords


who’s here after the democrats won the senate

Author — Oscar Vogel


This didn’t age well. Lessgo ossof and warnock

Author — Somerandomguybody


"People waited 4 hours to cast a vote"
Indian election system: huh peasants!!

Author — Aishwariya Debnath


This year is almost over, it feels like it's been long and short simultaneously.

Author — The OxyScape


Netherlands here, just pitching in. Takes like 3 to 5 minutes to vote.

Author — Renbro


being in america made me realise that people want to immigrate _out_ of america for the same reasons people immigrated _to_ america years ago: for a better future and a better life

Author — m . maas


Biden looks like the old man version of Captain America

Author — SsukiMaru


I can't imagine waiting 4 hours in line to vote. America really doesn't make it easy, no wonder people just don't bother

Author — Owen Brady


who's here after the democrats won georgia and thus, the senate?

Author — Karl T. D.


I love how Vox interviews their own staff as a source.

Author — MobzillaMurphy


1:45 everybody Gangsta thinking Mitch McConnell will still control the Senate till Warnock and Osoff won Georgia.

Author — The Pufferfish Guy


The Australian coalition has done nothing for renewable energy, remove that tick pls

Author — Jasmin Resulovic


Trump got the whole 2020 experience:
1. Got COVID
2. Lost his job
3. Getting Evicted

Author — Michael


Canadians watch the election like its a movie that comes out every 4 years

Author — Chocolate Ammo


It is inevitable that Kamala Harris will become president, I really don’t think Biden will live out his term.

Author — MrDumbBoy