10 Tips for Designing a Division Template in Hoi4 (Hearts of Iron 4 Strategy Guide)

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Well i know the hate trains gonna find me on this on, today im giving 10 hoi 4 tips based on waking the tiger, in this iron hearts 4 guide im showing you guys many tips and tricks few people know about when designing a division template and how template design is more of a strategy compared to just luck.

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Remember my first 60 hour didn't know I was able to train divisions it was hard times

Author — alabdaly891


So Engineers are a new Meta?
Then... *Engineers only.*

Author — Sviatoslav S.


40 width can be useful as a volunteer division. You can send twice as many troops to a nation.



What? i design my divisions based on what looks cool because i have no clue what these numbers mean

Author — igor rafael Oliveira


0:34 Duplicate your templates
2:42 Optimal combat width
4:50 Pure armor divisions, yes or no?
6:18 A good unit to capture enemy territory
7:53 FOR THE EMPEROR (“space marine” template)
9:03 Benefits of Engineers
10:55 Self propelled artillery
13:24 Support brigades and you
14:22 Artillery and support brigades
15:25 Common sense

Author — Brian Adamson


take the grand battleplan doctrine for 10 entrenchment. Then get engineers maxed. Once you've leveled up your generals and field marshall's enough you can get ambusher and the field marshal trait for 30%+ entrenchment. In my Czechoslovakia game i had 102% entrenchment

Author — jack


Heavy TDs are better than heavys for infantry. You require less TDs per battalion and have higher piercing.

Author — Thomas Jackson


400 hours of HOI and really needed this, thanks man.

Author — Nicolas Gainous


I'm new to Hearts of iron, and I think this is going to help a lot. I've done really well with understanding industry and my recent playthrough of America taught me a lot about naval combat, I ruled the seas and invaded mainland Japan in that game but for some reason I ALWAYS fail horribly at combat in Europe against Germany, and now I see it's probably the templates I'm using

Author — Michael Gauthier


20 width is good for infantry so you don't run out of units, but the 40 width tank divisions lose less attack and breakthrough from support companies and are better for breaking the line.

Author — jjquinn295


Production often affects my division templates since I like playing as medium sized countries. I go for Infantry Divisions with support artillery, engineers, and recons. Then I have at least 1 artillery battalion. For Tanks I find myself using light tanks since my production capacity is limited, but often will try to get at least 1 medium or heavy.

Author — JonBerry555


When you added that Heavy Tank, the production cost tripled. When you switched from artillery to SPG, the cost of that division doubled. I'd think twice before making either of those changes.

Author — Cong Su


the real mayhem in multiplayer will begin when someone realize that you can use a pure, support battalion only, division and paradrop it.

Author — Giulio Costantini


My few notes on those tips which are overall good, tip by tip
1) by changing a template to a higher one, the unit that changed won't loose any efficiency based on the supply compared to the initial division it's coming from. So if the unit had 100 soft atk before, after with improved div but without the new equipment, the unit will still be at 100 soft atk.
However, indeed as soon as new men join the division, the unit will loose xp. And once equipment arrive, only then the 100 soft atk will increase.
2) 40 width is superior in combat to 2 * 20 width. But you need to have enough division to hold your front before thinking about going 40, on that part I completly agree.
3) Good
4) Ok, not fully convinced but make perfect sense
5) I would say watch out for the terrain malus from the heavy tank. Also, the armor is 70% base on best brigade and 30% on average. It's not 100% best brigade, just to clarify
6) Good
7) Ok, just note that in your case, production cost went from 698-769 to 1310-1381 between ART and SPART. That's almost a ART div more !
So I would say : if production follows but manpower need to be secured, YES. Otherwise 2 ART div will beat the 1 SPART
8) Good
9) Good
10) Good

Overall quite nice

Author — Zarine Tharn


40 width are much more superior to 20 width in attack, due to overwhelming enemies' defence. It's better to have 40 width tanks and 20 width infantry, or just 40 width shock troops with a lot of arty

Author — Ted Archer


"Always make 5, 10, 0r 20 width."
A minute later: "Here's a real useful 2 width."

Author — Gregory Wade


My tips that werent discussed in the video. 1.) when you want to give AA coverage to tank divisions, use light SPAA only, because its cheapest SPAA to build, less reserach, and still has basically the same anti-air dmg against planes, but light SPAA has lowest supply usage. 2.) For docrine like superior firepower, motorized rocket artillery and towed motorized arty etc... are considered line artillery category so they should get damage bonus from shock & awe side of doctrine, where as SP-ART of all types, is considered armor category so they get bonuses from left hand side in superior firepower (airland battle side)

Author — Lauri


As a US army intelligence analyst, division templates on this game are almost realistic. Like when I build a division, I use my training to make the “”perfect”” division and it usually works.

Author — Warfighter


12:20 while yes self propelled gives you 30 soft attack more, the production doubles that of the division with just artillery, making it 220 vs 146, and since the speed is the same is not worth it, but in tank or fast division they are

Author — Kevinsky


I didnt think people thought 40W were inferior in this age of HortIV. No one said make your whole army 40W, like 6 divisions out of 24 is enough for very powerful attacks and defense that you can micro around and try to push where they end up in the line. Or just have a smaller army of 40W that isnt on a front line that responds to pushes from the enemy.

Author — C KaldariaQ