Presentation of PSR-S970/S770, English

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PSR-S series brings the experience of performing in a band to the solo keyboard player. Whatever style you want to play, the combination of superb sound, exciting features and live control gives you total freedom to create music as you want it to be.

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Excuse me for this long comment, but these are some Pros and Cons I remember.
(Before that, I would brief it like this; PSR-S970 is great for its tones and various styles, customization, panel features, great for live events, and it really encourages in art of western music education. But not good for advanced customization, sampling and synth-editing, powerful programming, and integration with other tech, DAW, etc. beside the high price)

* Certain S-Art voices are insanely realistic. Better than those boasted by certain other keyboard brands. Mega voices allow customizing articulations manually in style creation.
E.Pianos & organs, Pianos, Brass, wind, strings, acoustic drums, guitars, sax, other orchestral, etc. sound amazing and highly varied; therefore really helpful even in film music production.
* Accompaniment algorithms can be customized (NTT, NTR, etc.)
* Advanced chords are possible to play, including on bass chords.
* Wide variety of styles; therefore really versatile. Certain styles are unbelievably realistic!
* Panel is designed in an interactive way, and helpful in live performance.
* Guide features, score, etc. are helpful for beginners to learn music.
* Style / song programming offer editing individual notes, velocities & CC in a (terrible) list view. (Absence of a graphical sequencer view and touchscreen makes it inconvenient, but still possible).
* Arrangements by adding tracks sound altogether satisfying and rich. Inspire creativity.
* Certain DSP are wonderful (like 'real'reverbs, auto wah, etc.)

* CPU power is less.
* Audio group outputs & parallel line outs aren't available, the one and only stereo line out expells everything so style and right-hand performance cannot be separately recorded to a DAW at once.
* Voices and envelopes are less editable. Decay doesn't work mostly. Even the few voice editing functions are directly inaccesible in style creations. No legato/retrig selection for mono/poly setting.
* Certain CC data cannot be automated in style creations.
* No customizable synth engine, just presets. They are great, some are fairly analog modelling, but none are powerful for modern EDM type genres.
* Certain voice types like like solo violin, Indian drums and tablas, sitar, synths aren't great as others. Certain S.Arts, even being great however don't have different color settings (e.g. Only one tenor sax, Only a few guitars (variety is made by DSP, not original guitar tones), likewise).
* Multipad strumming patterns are less in variety.
* Limited DSP slots; therefore DSP compressors, EQ, modulation/harmonic cannot be individually added to all style/song channels.
* Mixer has only LPF (no HPF), only two EQ bands, no comp/exp. Only way for 3 or 4 band programmable EQ & compression is DSP, which has limited slots.
* Onboard sampling unavailable, indirect long way is sampling to a computer DAW and making a voice from expansion manager, then installing it into the keyboard.
* Expansion data cannot be managed in the instrument itself.
* Certain audio styles have obvious abrupt for every loop return, of same/dif variation.
* Depending on internal memory usage & CPU, internal clock lags occasionally. This cause certain user styles to have a slight latency at every loop return, even when quantized.
* Audio pitch, warp, vocal muting is really artificial.
* Audio multi pad is less useful.
* Master EQ is great, but Master compressor is less useful.

Author — Dulmin Perera


I love the way Martin Harris enjoys while playing both in this demo and in the genos demo and I always like his keyboard playing. Cheers!

Author — Palani Deepak


Martin Harris is always interesting to listen to, no matter what keyboard :)
Will we have 2 "microphone in" at next top level keyboard btw?

Author — ChokDK Danmark


Un excellent clavier rapport qualité/prix;
un seul défaut pour moi qui est le touché des touches plastiques qui est trop léger;
il faudrait pour valoriser les "PSR" obtenir un meilleur touché comme les TYROS;
une très bonne continuation musicale et vive la musique



Really good Keyboard with great sounds and features, but still a bit too expensive for most people

Author — Realmasterorder


It would be great if all the sound expansion packs were also available for Tyros and Genos. They are not transferable.

Author — Steve Wahl


... y seguimos avanzando en la promoción de los PSR S 970 - PSR S770 . Saludos ..

Author — Arias Music Centre Yamaha Dealer Guayaquil Ecuador


When will the keyboards be launched in India?? They sound good!

Author — Akshat J


psr s770 cuesta 900 euros
vale la pena pagarlos lo he escuchado y suena muy bien de verdad

Author — Luis Jiménez


Hi.. can you please tell me how to get the background sound that you have displayed when you demonstrate the acoustic guitar voice in the video... i am just not able to figure out how to get that background chord sustain sound.. i am a beginner and need your help.. thank you so much.

Author — prav75


I would like to ask the price of the PSR s770 in Kenya.It is a nice keyboard with a large lcd screen and a microphone input.i am intrested in buying that keyboard.

Author — Ribin Morara


Does the PSR S770 have, vocal harmony and synth vocoder?

Author — Jebaraj Samuel


The Top Keyboards PSR S770 And PSR S970

Author — Richi Riboldi


Is the sound coming from the built in speakers or an external PA system?

Author — Fallic Alec


MY QUESTION IS STRAIGHT TO YAMAHA COORPORATION. When will these keyboards be available in India? we only get to see s750 and s950. when will these instruments be available in India?
I need a reply from Yamaha. I am waiting for these in india.



Yamaha PSR S950 was a big disappointment!
PSR S970 New features:Free Play Style Innovative Audio, DJ Functions and Multi Pad with Audio Links, Sounds Good! 
Real time controller, Arpeggiator and Retrigger Sounds Awesome (which only Motif and other synth keyboard had) Guitar input is a good idea :)
Color: There should be color options, I dont like Black, Silver looks better.
Hoping to check on store soon, I hope this keyboard wont disappoint.

Author — Joseph Louis


Can s970 read the same exspansion pack with Tyros

Author — Ken Chao


Which bank of multi pads plays at 7:40?

Author — Rafael Neto


Mr. Harris, do you really ask me, what am I waiting for?
Maybe, that the keyboard will be available?

Author — Ronny Funk


What is the rate of psr s970 in musee musicals chennai

Author — Shanthosh DRM Shanthosh musics