Remnant: From The Ashes | BIG Guide to Secret Weapons, Armor, Amulets & Traits!

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Remnant: From The Ashes | BIG Guide to Secret Weapons, Armor, Amulets & Traits! 5

This video details and shows the location of 23 secrets that I've rounded up for Remnant: From the Ashes. These are not all secrets I found myself or had on my map roll, however, the sources for credit are below. I wanted to get a single walkthrough together for those like myself, who want a single place to follow along.

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💬 Comments on the video
Author has links to a spreadsheet made by the community. It basically has ALL the things!

Author — Weird Alexander


void armor set. fast travel to rhom monolith.

Author — Excalibur Umbra


0:00 Intro / Video Overview
1:43 Drifter's Armor location
2:32 Sub-machine gun & Elderknowledge trait location
4:46 How to get the pocket watch
5:52 Twisted mask & Bark skin Trait
7:47 Sniper Rifle location
8:42 Scavenger Trait
9:11 Braided thorns
10:00 Ring of Evasion
10:17 Heartseeker Ring
10:35 The Magnum Revolver
11:15: The Spitfire SMG Smolder Sword and Petrified Maul
12:15: Elzan's Band
12:37 Osseous Armor
13:15 The Void Armor
14:02 The Wastelander flail
14:39: Ruin Rifle
14:59: Outro

Author — MohaRoma


The sentinel mod:
There’s a “broken” sentry half buried in the sand in front of the blind merchant’s hut. It’s missing its power core.
You can get this by defeating the hound master. You have to head shot him till his head explodes in order to achieve getting the rod of control (the power core).
Once retrieved, return to the merchants hut and place it in the sentinel.

You will enter a mini boss fight with this creature. Once defeated you will get the sentry mod, which places a small but handy turret on the ground which can agro ads can help in any boss fight :) enjoy

Author — Moses Moon


If you get the pocket watch from old mud-tooth and find yourself in the boss fight against Brabus in the depot which his the son of old mud tooth, you can avoid the fight by giving him the watch and you will get a sweet armor set out of it.

Author — Gdak Adrien


@Vulkan I don't know if it's been mentioned in the comments already, but the pressure plate puzzle in front of the Monolith doesn't have to be trial & error. If you check behind one of the walls next to the monolith, there is a row of symbols depicting the order of directions you have to go when stepping on the plates :)

Author — KittyForHire


If you go to yesha's ventor, you can find the item "strange curio"
This item is actually a key to a dungeon in yesha, that's locked by a giant metal door. There you can find a secret boss.

Author — Petko Fuchalksi


And we found a armor that look like the monsters you fight in the jungle it’s so cool it’s called elders armor I don’t remember the specific place though and it’s light and strong at the same time

Author — Hadoken 2


I feel like an idiot that I missed that drifters armor behind the bookcase

Author — pcdeltalink036


Fun fact on the Dungeon for the wastelands flail, in the room with the scanner you can turn around and crouch up against the door after it closes. Doing this will let you avoid the debuff that kills you and you can take your time running through.



There is a boss on rohm call the harrowed and if you break both of his knees and press e when hes kneeled down youll get a melee weapon called the harpoon

Author — Relicx


Warning! Comments full of spoilers, proceed with caution!

Author — Bear Reserve


Important to mention, you can get the Slayer armor set from the Iskal Queen by handing her the heart instead of the Undying King, then return to the Undying King (assuming your campaign rolled this way) and kill him for the Undying Heart for the Ruin rifle.

Two easy-ish steps for two full sets of gear. Work smarter, not harder. ;)

Author — SinOnTwitch


6:34 yoo wtf I literally chose those exact ones before even watching any type of videos

Author — Brian Ortiz


Ty random kept doing things and I kept getting stuff and I'm like wtf ok what ever xD

Author — miguel101senpai


If you give the guardians heart to the queen instead of the undying king, you get a crossbow and a armor set

Author — Chris Ruddock


Beast claws, do the bell puzzle in the ravagers arena before fighting him.

Author — Derrad


If you kill both ixillis within a certain time frame of each other (roughly 10 seconds) you get the guardian axe.

Author — Marie MacLawder


I got the twisted mask on my first playthrough and I thought he was a common NPC.
Didn’t think everyone’s map was randomly generated

Author — Inagami Kun


9:14 Root circlet & Braded thrones
11:17 Spitfire SMG or Smolder Sword
12:07 Petrified maul or Spore bloom shotgun
14:42 Ruin rifle

Author — Harry P.