Video appears to show Ukrainian airliner being hit

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Video appears to show Ukrainian airliner being hit 3.5
Video sent to CNN appears to show a missile fired into the Tehran sky early Wednesday morning and striking an object in the sky. Around that time, a Ukranian airliner crashed shortly after takeoff. CNN cannot verify the authenticity of the video, but the buildings seen in it appears similar to ones that are in the Iranian capitol suburb of Parand. The Ukrainian plane crashed just north of the suburb.

The US increasingly believes that Iran mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian airliner on Tuesday, according to multiple US officials. The working theory is based on continuing analysis of data from satellites, radar and electronic data collected routinely by US military and intelligence.

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That Ukrainian Mother crying for her only son which is dead is heart breaking.

Author — Bo Jim


BREAKING NEWS: CNN is still trying to find a way to blame Trump on this

Author — Fallout Guy


Wonder when the dems will start blaming trump for this one

Author — max savatski


The fact that Iran is trying to cover it up is a good sign they did it.

Author — Flashback


I feel for the mother of the pilot, at her age and being alone now.

Author — Richie Rich


Epstein didn't commit suicide, and neither did this plane.

Author — Double S


Another commenter named “EOSJoe9” had the absolute best response to Iran’s BS: “How do you accidentally shoot down an OUTGOING plane that took off
from your own capital's airport?”

Author — About Facts


May all those poor souls Rest In Peace
I feel so sad for the mother ❤️❤️

Author — Mintdolla 3


Iran- “We didn’t shoot the passenger plan down!!”

America- “Well give us the black box.”

Iran- “Give us a second to Mullah this over!”

Author — joseph guidry


This is why USA cancelled all flights to and from Iran.

Author — A Friendly Hobo


May all of them Rest In Peace. So tragic

Author — Lola Cruz


CNN and Democrats think they know more than Trumps intelligence team.

Author — ZR1Terror


It’s heart breaking. No one deserved to die.

Author — Veronica Diaz Cano


Video: Clearly shows plane being hit with 2 missiles
Iran: nah

Author — Chris M


Rest In Peace to all of those people😢🥺❤️

Author — Rihanna Means


This is mass homicide and the perpetrators need to be held to account.

Author — Mark Williams


My brother is a flight attendant and I dont even want to imagine how their families feel watching this. I dont think that it was done deliberately but justice must be served

Author — mind freak


Those people were innocent dammit, RIP to all those people

Author — The boy of horror


my deepest sympathy and condolences to all the families and friends of the victims of this most saddening event.God rest their souls.

Author — sinclear savior


I didn’t think you could “accidentally” lock on to a civilian aircraft and then launch a surface to air missile at it. I can even get away with, “I accidentally forgot to do my homework”.

Author — Matthew Champagne