Prime Time With Ravish, April 30, 2019 | Almost 10 Lakh Students Fail In Hindi In UP Board Exams

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One-fifth of students appearing for Hindi board exams in Uttar Pradesh, the Hindi heartland of the country, failed in the subject. In the recently released results of the Uttar Pradesh state board exams of Classes 10 and 12, at least 9,97,948 students failed in Hindi. Retired professor of Kashi Vidyapeeth, Dr Prabhu Nath Dwivedi, says the general perception among people is that learning English helps students progress in life. "Hindi is neglected by students, their teachers and families alike," he adds. (Audio in Hindi)

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If am not mistaken I saw in YouTube that a candidate of AAP ( Atishi ) contesting in North Delhi is contesting with agenda of providing good education.

Author — kim seb


bjp के अनुसार अब हिन्दू के साथ साथ हिंदी भी असुरक्षित हो गयी है।

Author — Rohit Raj Sharma


ये होती है पत्रकारिता।
बाकी तो सब बस चाटुकारिता है ।।

Author — Abhilasha Dubey


This type of discussion will not be discussed on TV debate channels .

Author — Sumit kumar Gupta


मैंने कौसल विकास का ट्रेनिंग लिया था । पर 1.5 साल हो गए पर रिजल्ट नहीं दे पाए, नौकरी क्या देंगे ।



The only journalist who highlights crucial issues prevailing in India. Is it so hard for our government to work on issues like education, employment, health, environmental hazards, farmers and corruption.

Author — malvika sharma


*पश्चिम बंगाल के 40 विधायक मेरी जेब में हैं, *
*और ये खुद अंबानी की जेब में।*

Author — Blessed Girl


काश मीडिया 24 घंटे ही सही लेकिन वो आपके जैसे काम कर दें तो सच मानिए विश्व में हाहाकार मच जाए।

Author — S Y


पत्रकारिता का मतलब रवीश कुमार, जहां बाकी चैनल चुनाव चुनाव कर रहे वही आप सही मुद्दे उठा रहे हैं।

Author — Ahir Shailendra Yadav


इनमें से जादा तर चोकीदार चोकीदार खेल रहे

जिस देश की शिक्षा मन्त्री अनपढ़ हो प्रधानमंत्री चोकीदार हो तो यही हाल होगा

Author — Proudly Indian —————


दिल्ली छोड़
देश के हर राज्य में सरकारी स्कूलों की हालत एक मरीज़ के समान है जो कि दु:खद है!

Author — Rais Nizami


Ravis sir इसमे नेताओ से पूछना चाहिए कि आपने जेब भरने के आलावा कुछ किया है कि नही

Author — arvind kumar


Failure of education system.. I'm speechless....
By heart thank you soo much.

Author — Abhishek Yadav


Ravish ji ऐसे चुनावी माहौल में भी आपने छात्रों की बात कही है, आपको नमन करता हूँ ।

Author — Shrikant Deonikar


The examination structure at Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary level can be re-organized to allow the student to choose to demonstrate what he/she has learnt, rather than stressing them out by guessing the question set for each exam and also wasting money on so-called Coaching Centres. Admissions to Centres of Undergraduate studies and P.G. studies can also be similarly learner -focused presentations to experts and the depth of knowledge . WHat is actually needed is a will to make srastic change for the better.

Author — C.S. Radhakrishnan


I like the way, he relates bad results to politics. It is the reality, the state has failed her citizens.

Hunkaar to badi badi maarte hain, par basic education k liye kuch nahi kiya.

Author — Jan anna hazare


Modi has ruined education system in Gujarat by making private education companies rich and those companies give money back to BJP.
Now he is applying Gujarat model in rest of India

Author — Reuben Christie


Yes opposition should talk about skill india's reality

Author — Rahul m


रवीश जी बच्चों के भविष्य के साथ खिलवाड़ हो रहा है सरकारों को चुललूभर पानी में डूब जाना चाहिए 😥

Author — Anita Malik


Sir Sach hai ki jit hoti h aur aap Sach pr h Ravish sir

Author — Jiger Khan