Will Trump Be '239 Pounds' At This Year's Physical?

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Will Trump Be '239 Pounds' At This Year's Physical? 5
A year after Dr. Ronny Jackson infamously claimed Trump's weight was 239 pounds, the President is heading back for annual physical.

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I can tell you, I'm 270-something. If that man is 239, I'm a figure skater.

Автор — Romantic Outlaw


I think 239 pounds is his true net worth. That is just under 300 dollars.

Автор — Alan Heath


Breaking news: Trump’s annual physical is completed and his doctor has advised him to eat only whole grain bread and give up on alcohol.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: This has nothing to do with the Champagne or the White Toast.

Автор — J J


_He'll still be conveniently 1 lb under obese_
*Will continue to fat shame women*

Автор — kimberly s


Y'all remember the Birther Movement, I'm starting the Girther Movement. I demand Trump stand on a functioning scale in full public view. Let's settle this BS once and for all!

Автор — Chris Mason


So Trump vows to fight the opioid epidemic, by hiring a physician known to hand out opiates like candy? This administration is hilarious.

Автор — Greg Gammago


Based on Donald Trump's height and width, scientists estimate his actual weight is 339 lbs. This same method is also used on whales and is considered to be very accurate.

Автор — JCTiggs


Salad and education is his kryptonite.

Автор — 傭兵Cloud


No reasonable doctor would call some one who is one pound short of obese "perfectly healthy".

Автор — DeadlyMargiKarp223


I remember my dad telling me when I was a kid that if you think everyone around you is the problem, you are the problem..

Автор — quantumpotter


Is there anyone at the white house who is not under investigation?

Автор — Samantha Simental


Just like buying grades won’t make you smart, buying a physical won’t make you healthy.
Come on High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol, what is taking you both so long to affect Trump’s health...

Автор — Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison :


I'm half-inclined to believe that Trump weighs 239 pounds.

...whoops, wait, that was a typo. I meant "I'm inclined to believe that half of Trump weighs 239 pounds".

Автор — The Rogue Wolf


Trump is the opposite of King Midas, guys. Everyone he touches turns to shit. Look at all the deplorables who have been exposed because they work(ed) for Trump’s Mafia. You’re better off praying Trump doesn’t pick you to join his administration 😂

He said he’d drain the swamp, but he didn’t say who! He’s draining his own pathetic administration by accident (or divine intervention??? 🤔) and they’re all going to jail. Trump will be the last one to go. I love it 🤣 *THE IRONY!*

Автор — Emre Veliu


I don’t think doctors should still be referred to as doctors if they turn out to be candymen

Автор — Ella Rose


"Unlike a stained hotel mattress in Russia this is not a problem that can be solved by TURNOVER." Lol😅

Автор — MLG HELP


So... Is anyone ever gonna outright assert that Trump snorts Adderall before debates and speeches and not just allude to it?

Автор — Chris Richard


Doctor says prostate exam is not possible because Putin's hand is in the way.

Автор — International Harvester


239 is a very good number of pounds, in fact the most pounds any POTUS has ever weight, you could say I'm a heavy weight, a heavy hitter, the heaviest of both "ever". My doctor says this layer of fat is fantastic to protect me against the winter vortex cold, I'm like a polar bear if you think about it. -Donald J. Trump

Автор — Awesomely Sarcastic


Thank goodness for Stephen Colbert!! His humor is exactly what is needed during this time of tRump. ❤

Автор — Donna Willams