Hawaii residents flee after Kilauea volcano eruptions

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Hawaii residents flee after Kilauea volcano eruptions 4.5
Hawaii residents faced the threats of more earthquakes, lava and dangerous gas Saturday after the Kilauea volcano erupted, spewing sulfuric acid and molten rocks into neighborhoods.

Adding to the fear and chaos, a magnitude-6.9 quake struck the area Friday, jolting homes already threatened by volcanic eruption. The earthquake, one of dozens to hit the area in 24 hours, was the most powerful on the island since 1975, the US Geological Survey said.

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Where is moana and Maui when you need them?

Автор — Chloe Young


I would love to play the Floor Is Lava Challenge here.

Автор — FuturisticHub


Someone is pissed at all those meth heads on that island

Автор — superfurball89onyoutube


Oh yeah, stick your hand in a glowing crack in the road. . . LOL
Darwin Award of 2018

Mayor Fuglycool

Автор — Mayor Fuglycool


This is coming from all that Dragon energy Trump and Kanye created.

Автор — mellothefello


That eruption is going to be made into many memes involving ejaculation.

Автор — Alex Silverstein


Everyone is hyping this up to something it really isn’t. I live on Oahu and even on our local news nobody is really worried. The island of Hawai’i has been prepared for things like this for a very long time.

Автор — Isaiah Adams


Spitting lava and rocks from fissures shows no sign of retreating!
Best of wishes to the residents 🐼

Автор — AnimalsAndReports


This is fake news. The volcano is a paid actor!

Автор — trueboss926


We must restore the heart of Te Fiti ❤️

Автор — Julian Pulido


Volcanoe is real, CNN however FAKE news

Автор — Texas proud


Our brother is serving for the military and stationed in Hawaii right now. Wish him luck!

Автор — Sibling Antics


At over 4000 sq miles, most of the island is safe. No evacuations outside the affected areas, no water rationing, no flights canceled.
~150k people on the island, 100 in shelters, and every one of them have been prepared for this for decades, not to diminish the complete and total loss that comes from Pele paving over one's house.

Автор — garrithscots


Umm it's 2018. Hard to believe people still need to be explained on how volcanoes works.

Автор — Mr Derby


FAKE! That lava is an actor hired by the government. You can look up the videos of the same lava all over the world. NICE

Автор — S Tuck__


Kilauea sounds like it'll be a villain from a Marvel movie

Автор — 10,000 Subs Under 10 Videos


When I see CNN report something - I always have to check other news outlets to confirm, CNN is VERY FAKE NEWS!!

Автор — Avalanche2


Let us pray for the safety of people there 🙏 keep safe everyone!

Автор — Rustan libasa


I can tell you that CNN has heavily dramatized this.

Автор — OldPervertedHerbert


I guess we could say "THE FLOOR IS LAVA"

Автор — everybuddy