Hilary Hahn — Reflective masterclass: Phrasing Technique

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Mini Masterclass!
Topic: Phrasing Technique.
‘Reflective’, Partita No. 5 by Antón García Abril, begins with two clearly differentiated lines — a good opportunity to demonstrate how to play two strings simultaneously while phrasing them individually.

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Did anyone else think Hilary was in her 20s but then her achievements wouldn't add up to the years...???

Author — rania chrysostomou


It’s difficult to exhaust how impressive she is. All worlds conquered in the standard classical repertoire, yet she moves into new territory. Like Miles Davis, she is fearless.

Author — rico567


I'm here representing the 99% that don't understand what you are saying, but love hearing you explain it.

Author — Toby Vernon


Consider ourselves very lucky to share this blip in time with Hilary and her generous offerings, what are the odds, really?!

Author — TiqueO6


3:20 -- How? Her left hand, wrist and arm are still but she vibratos clearly and measuredly... Is that all with her finger tips? Teach me, Sempai. I'd love a video on how she vibratos.

Author — Jeremy Streich


I'm a simple man. I see Hilary Hahn uploaded again so I clicked again.

Author — Corey C.


You explained that so well, I don't play any stringed instruments so things like this are not obvious or known and always fascinates me.

Author — Brenden John


You and twoset violin do for violin, what Hikaru has done for chess. And It's so nice to see!

Author — MechaPlays


I love how when a person who is passionate about their craft speaks of and describes it in the most poetic of ways. The tone of your voice literally conveys the same feeling as playing the instrument.. As if you and it are indistinguishable; one from the other.

Author — John Smith


Oooh the dissonant polyphony, got the chills!

Author — Eric Jiang


Her technique is just remarkable. It's a joy to listen to her play.

Author — Ms Pea


Thanks for sharing Hilary. Women like you are truly inspirational.

Author — Sakib Islam


I’m so shocked by the amount of effort she put into violin😂

Author — Natacha Lai


These short videos help me very much to understand and enter in the mood of the Partitas. Contemporary music requires an additional effort of understanding to classical listeners, the same effort we did when we approached the classical at the beginning ... and we know it’s worth it. HH keep on posting.

Author — Davide Beretta - SYSWARE


Being aware of the dipping of string when you finger it is really important- thank you

Author — Marthinus van der Westhuizen


I really don't understand the finer points of her technique, but I think she is outstanding.

Author — James Hood


This particular concert with the HSO was outstanding as a live performance.

Author — Diana Freeman


Thank you for explaining this phrasing technique for playing this piece of music so well Hilary Hahn. I am not a violinist, but I do love listening to highly skilled musicians of the instrument, such as yourself, playing the beautiful music that you seemingly play so effortlessly.

Author — anthony cooper


I am delighted that you play so brilliantly a piece by one of my favourite contemporary composers. Thank you very much.

Author — Felipe VI


why are you so beatiful? like your appearance, the way you speak, and how down to earth you are. Glad i know you from twoset violin, and i am a fan since then

Author — Imaniar Rusyadi