The TRUTH about Danny D'Angelo and the 'Free Laundromat'

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What I use for Hot Dogging!

Small Condiment tongs
Dogging tongs
Chili/Cheese Spoon
Condiment tray
Umbrella Lights

What I use to Record Videos: Samsung Galaxy Cell Phone

Handheld tripod
Ring light
Go Pro

Laundromat Automation:

This is the exact stuff that I purchased to automate my Laundromat.
My store is 2100 square ft. If you have a bigger store than mine, you might want to add a second set of speakers. I hope this helps! Let me know if you have questions!
In-ceiling Speakers
Power adapter for amplifier
Speaker wire
Amazon echo dot
3.5mm Audio wire for Dot to amp

If you're feeling froggy and want to change your lighting so you can control and automate it remotely with your cell phone through your echo dot,
I completely replaced all of the light fixtures in my mat with these shop lights
And I put this light switch in my bathroom so I can turn the lights off remotely with alexa when a customer leaves the lights on...

Ring Alarm
Ring Camaras with Spotlight
Ring Indoor Cam:
Ring Motion Detector (automate bathroom light to turn off after 2 minutes of no motion)
Ring Door/Window sensor (For use on any windows/Doors, as well as arcade games, vending machines, TV, Change Machines

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Being one of Danny's clients (I hired him to get me a lease) I can honestly say he is legit. His system works, but it's super important that you as the client have to do the leg work. I can see how some folks may see Danny as arrogant, but he's not. Like Daniel said, he's super confident in his system. I've been working with him for 4 months and he is one of the nicest and funniest guys I've ever come across. Working with him is an absolute pleasure. When the time comes, you want a guy with his confidence covering your ass when you're in the trenches of lease negotiations.
As a client, your most important asset will be patience. Obtaining a laundromat for free does not happen overnight.

Author — Jsanc2075


Great video. I actually have his DVD. A lot of useful info there. What has been tripping me out however is this: In Houston, buying a descent average sized working laundromat will run you from 200, 000 - 350, 000. You have to put up a heafty down payment of course but if you do your research and it is profitable, you are buying an established working mat. If you take over a laundromat for free, you'll only do that if owner's not paying rent. Assuming it's in a good location, then you'd be taking over a "zombiemat" with old, poorly working equipment. Most likely one of the reasons it's run into the ground. If I take over, first thing I'll have to do is replace the machines with new ones (to drive in customers, etc). Equipping a laundromat with all new machines will run 200, 000-350, 000. So then what is the difference? In both situations, you're taking out a 200K-350K loan. But with the free zombiemat, you also don't know what kind of income it will bring in when you take out that loan.

Author — rudolphg76


That is how my friend started his computer repair business is through leasing. He is 5 years in and already the most successful repair business in our town. I love watching you vending. I am looking to leave my company to sling dogs myself. I did it during college and I miss it and still wondering why I left it.

Author — falloutpictures


Former Hoosier so I love that part of the videos. I love seeing people with a business mindset. People can have an IQ that's through the roof but still just not get it with business. Keep it up.

Author — Tom Maricle


I have the Danny dvd . I am going to rewatch it. I will have several businesses by the summer god willing. I need more info on rent abatement

Author — Traeki Walton


Listening to his landlord calls with some of the people on the other line. After he hangs up with the landlord and speaks to the person wanting to take it over, scares me. As someone that owns a business that is looking to change. The pure ignorance of these people worry me, with the lack of personal knowledge they do not have. And that they are willing to get into business and they can't negotiate with potential business partner, because of there lack of knowledge. I started my trucking company after learning as a trucker for 18 years. 2 years of the 18 as a owner operator. The two years I self taught myself business.

Author — Jim C


I found out about danny from a live stream a couple days ago thank you sir for answering one of my lingering questions about purchasing machines

Author — Kevin Watson


Basically, it's like Dan Peña's finance purchasing thing. Gather a board, find a "motivated seller" with a cash positive business, convince an accountant/lawyer to front you, and presentations to get banks to loan you the money. The whole thing pays for itself. Except Peña targets clinics instead of laundromats. 😂

Wait. Why all these guys named Dan. 👀

Author — Zaki Choudhary


5:26 I think I know exactly what he’s doing I’d do the same damn thing open them machines up and get me a damn snack and drink 😂

Author — Cxm_peach


Good job bro. I’ll be following u to see your success.

Author — Gabriel Martinez


Did you use Danny to negotiate the deal with your landlord?

Author — De Bo


Just subscribed to you. Thanks for your candor!

Author — Jamie Albert



Author — Warrior City


I love your setup and your life. Can we please switch?! More security being added huh? I am not sure I like Angelo. He is arrogant and comes across as silver tounge snake charmer. I am not sure tho if he is legit like you say.

Author — Sohail


How can I be like you I need to do this to feed my family

Author — The Real frost 3000


Your parents must be very proud of you.

Author — Bryan Pearce


Hi Bro
How much his consulting -Help fees cost

Author — Rashed Saleh


Lol this guy is bogus Danny is the absolute truth !!!

Author — Sheronica Smith


I need to know how to open a laundromat, I’m in Virginia I yes move to a new place is no a decent laundry here. I need to know how to go into this business. I know you can help me. Thanks

Author — Saul Urrutia


How did you find the laundromat you own today? Did you go loopnet? If laundromat makes 50K net can you get it for free?

Author — Oguz Oguz