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IKEA FRIHETEN Sofa Bed Review 5

Here are a couple things I've noticed about the IKEA FRIHETEN sofa bed that you should know about before you buy one yourself.

I think for the features and price the IKEA FRIHETEN sofa bed is one of the best solutions for a modern living room. In this video I go over a the basic features, comfort and a couple other little quirks I've noticed about the IKEA FRIHETEN sofa bed.

Check out the assembly video guide for the IKEA Friheten Sofa bed for more information:

The IKEA Friheten is available directly from IKEA:

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💬 Comments

I've had this sofa for about 2 years and I didn't even know it was a sofa bed lol.

Author — Izu


Great review. Your nit-picking is what a potential buyer wants to know! I have found the firmness of most IKEA sofas becomes a problem in the long run.

Author — Candis C


Thanks, great review! Very calm and clear speaking

Author — Luis Neves


The increased playback speed makes him look like a sims character xD

Author — Sten Koning


I like this sofa. I feel the design can be improved upon, especially with a first party ikea washable fabric cover

Author — Dreamy


thank you for this review. the dark orange one is on sale at my local Ikea at a great price.Your review helped me decide against it .

Author — patsyp22


"Friheten" is Swedish and means "The Freedom"

Author — Jonas Mikael Pedersen


I was concerned about the sagging and the wear on the cushions too.

Author — Pixel


Thanks for the excellent review, David. You have a great calm voice!

Author — Joyful Smiles


Finally something useful on these items at ikea. Great review two thumbs up. Everything I wanted to know. Thanks.

Author — Rg Escalona


I've slept on my friend's FRIHETEN sofa bed and I thought it was way too stiff! I couldn't get comfortable. I guess it depends on your preference.

Author — Jasmine Girn


I love your voice and how professional your videos are. So much valuable info. Thank you.

Author — HollywoodCharityAuction.com


I'm loving your videos! They're very detailed and great quality. Keep up the good work, you deserve much more subscribers than you have!

Author — CrysV


I ❤️your step test! Good follow-up review. Thx!

Author — JenuineAirbrushTan


Just one little advice: when you convert the sofa into a sofa bed, try to lay down in the opposite side you're showing in this video...that's actually what the manual shows, also!

Author — Veniamin Chira


I have it for two years, it's a good sofa, and would be perfect if the cover is replaceable or cleanable.

Author — Zach Guo


What a phenomenal review! The voiceover addressed all my questions and the video clarified what you were talking about. Thanks David Zhang!

Author — Janet Wulf


great review, we have a Friheten and love it... storage, flexible design, and bed +++ !

Author — fishlanding


This is an amazing review. Thank you very much!

Author — Ana de Castro


well done video, very professional description of the product.
it was truly amazing running into your tutorial about this specific product from Ikea.
thank you very much

Author — José Soledad