Alpha Company: Iraq Diary - Rules of Engagement

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Alpha Company: Iraq Diary - Rules of Engagement 4.5

Alpha Company’s mission is winding down, and the Marines are fighting an unexpected and extremely dangerous enemy: complacency. But the Marines need to stay on their toes as they hunt down a notorious terrorist named “Scarface.”

Series Description:

During the summer of 2005, filmmaker Gordon Forbes spent four months embedded with the US Marines 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion during their deployment to the Sunni Triangle in Iraq. He documented the daily grind and struggles of the men in Alpha Company as they fought the War on Terror, thousands of miles away from home. While most networks send a crew out to shoot only enough footage for a 90-second highlight piece, this three part documentary “Alpha Company: Iraq Diary” is an honest look at war on the ground. Three platoons, 74 professional Marines- strangers in a strange land. It's the diary of ordinary people who are now professional soldiers caught in a high stakes war, doing their damnedest to carry out the mission . . . which has changed from aggressive combat, to police work, and winning hearts and minds. It's the part of the Iraq story that no one sees, that is never told, that is missing from the public and publicized picture of the war in Iraq. It's an unembellished, truthful, and compelling look inside. We learn about how these Marines view war, their desire for combat and their fears. We see how they deal with extreme heat, the constant threat of IED’s and language barriers with humor. We see them dreaming, playing, frustrated and lonely. These Marines are the husbands, brothers, sons, uncles and citizens of America. “Alpha Company: Iraq Diary” is a Marine’s story, and not the kind you see on the evening news.

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Back when the history channel had actual historical content and not just fat guys working at a pawn shop...

Author — Andrew Divizio


Pretty good resolution for a 2005 documentary.

Author — Northern Ninety7


So these Marines are police, negotiators, wildlife rescue, PR reps, and insurance claim adjusters. Good grief. Let them fight!

Author — Jack Knife


I was in iraq as an infantry soldier from Oct 2004 to Sept 2005. Abu grab and western baghdad.. miss my brothers and the bond we had and still have but rarely see. I turned 21 in iraq. I'm 36 now. Time flies by so fast. Wow

Author — Frater Sol


R.I.P. Marine Capt. Richard J. Gannon II
Died April 17, 2004 Serving During Operation Iraqi Freedom
31, of Escondido, Calif.; assigned to 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force, at Twentynine Palms, Calif.; killed April 17 by enemy action in Anbar province, Iraq.
Please take a second and read up on him and keep the memory of him alive. A gold star just isn’t enough for us

Author — Bo-BoThe LaughingDog


Brings back memories, I was there in 05'. No direct contact, just mortars, rockets, and IED's. Once I came back stateside anything I saw on the road was an IED, that lasted for a couple months.

Author — The Vintage Farmer


"Big Daddy" works for Black Rifle Coffee Company now...

Author — C J A


RIP Captain George Whitney
Dec 18 2016

Author — Aaron Hess


Hummer needs to use the picture of the Humvee over the IED crater for advertising.

Author — Jzero


I'll take speed over armour. Hits IED - I'll take armour over speed every time.

Author — JFB 101


Lmao I love how the guy told the director his name is “big daddy”

Author — tubagoo dom


Being lied in your face when you know they are liying it is the most frustrating thing in the world...apart from the heat

Author — Andrei D. Roman


Everyone glorifies combat until their friends or themselves are turned into a jelly.

Author — Forest Ferrer


Sounds like the same rules of engagement at the beginning of Vietnam . We couldn't fire till fired upon even if we could see the person raising his weapon.

Author — Richard A. Valdes


“ I know what you do to the sheep” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Author — Andrew Vuu


Hard to fight a war when you don’t know who the enemy is.

Author — Andy


RIP cap Whitney, if you have time do a quick Google of him.

Author — Cristiano Ronaldo


3:55 anyone know where I can get that picture or who the model is? need a boost in morale during this lockdown

Author — Salmon Lewis


"the enemy of my enemy is my friend" someone tell this guy that the commander that made that statement ended up getting backstabbed and killed...fn guy

Author — Farm Bear


"Thank you for being our captive". That part still gets me... Warfighters being assigned to customer service.

Author — Rico Suave