Road Rage Caught on Tape: Victim Turns Tables on Alleged Attackers

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Road Rage Caught on Tape: Victim Turns Tables on Alleged Attackers 4
Emergency call reveals case of road rage on a Wisconsin highway.

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You kinda knew who was the aggressors: the couple were first shown using their mug shots, and the older guy was first shown making a

Author — humbledb4jesus


"People from car A" * shows mugshots*
"Driver of car B" *video of him at home*

Hmm I wonder who the aggressor turned out to be. XP

Author — ultimateninjaboi


Woman: you want to hit a car full of kids.

Man: you hit me

Me if I were the old man: lol ok bop bop

Should've just fed em lead they did assault him so he had the right

Author — Jason Sap


The cops gave them some really bad advice. "Find a parking lot and get to know each other."

Author — LARRY


That's just awful...that she has kids.

Author — Alan Page


"All I know is, you look around at the human race, and you got to wonder, what the hell was god Lee Marvin

Author — dpjb2930 Jp


Yeah, sure, someone in a gorgeous new Acura would intentionally mess up his car on a van driven by two bums.  Sure.

Author — SouthernGirl In hijab


Sounds like Flanagan was screaming 'He's got a gun' in the hope that the police would panic and shoot him (Van Patter) - the mad bastards.

Author — sleepypoodle


So glad that veteran had a gun for defense against Democrat voters

Author — Gary Farina


Poor kids. They have LITTLE chance. Growing up with loser's like that, the odds are against them. I feel bad for the kid's being born into a family like that. Brings back memories.

Author — J.J McQuade


There is no damn way I would get out of my car and speak with those people until the police arrived. The moment you get out, anything can happen. Stay in your car, lock the doors, don't say a word and quietly film what's happening.

Author — April K


I'm I the only one who caught the fact that body with the kids was already on the phone when this dude hit em?

Author — Zeus 1455


"We have a car that is being disgruntled on the road."

What a tool. LoL

Author — JayGoldenBeach


I believe the man, I don't have any facts but I believe him not the "family"

Author — lfrohling


We have a car that's being disgruntled on the road.

Isn't anyone responsible for English-language education in the US? Horrendous.

Author — hanajinks


"Just pull over in the same place as the vehicle that hit you and don't do anything until we get there."

Author — Andrew Shaw


The gun owner has a right to defend himself

Author — Mario Addis


The CCL holder was well within his rights.

Author — John Van Alstine


Yelling HES GOT A GUN in the hopes that the cop will shoot the poor guy dead.

Author — The Unknown Dungeon


Wow another case of would be attackers screaming "he got gun" I see why alot of a. Americans get killed wen cops show up

Author — Shawn Futch