Sanders: Biden thinks 15 percent of Americans are bad; he's wrong

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Sanders: Biden thinks 15 percent of Americans are bad; he's wrong 4.5

Former White House press secretary and Fox News contributor Sarah Sanders weighs in on 'Fox & Friends.'

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Joe Biden is right. Fifteen percent of Americans are bad, and they all happen to be Democrats!

Author — Bill Wayne


Biden already had 8 years to “fix” America.

Author — Chris No


It is not about George. It is about trying to bring down Trump. We all know what is going on.

Author — Juanita Flores


Joe Biden definitely belongs to 10 - 15 % of that “very bad people” in America.

Author — Boniface Seman


Yes, I agree 10 to 15% of Americans are bad: he just means the DemocRATs.

Author — Yousri Mikhael


Biden's new slogan: "If you ain't looting, you ain't a democrat".

Author — Big Bad Don


He is wrong, I’m sure Leftist make up more than 15 percent.

Author — Joseph Mauricio Flores


The 15% Joe is talking about is his Demoncrat Parties upper layer of thieves and lairs.

Author — Whaleshrimp


I’m in Europe ... he would be in a home for dementia over here lol..

Author — Nineteen84


This was never really about George Floyd, obviously.

Author — neuralcircuit


We need to hurry up and comment because YouTube keeps turning comments off. Trump 2020

Author — A Claus


The 15% are Biden and his cronies. He knows because he's one of them.

Author — JON SNOW


We must be in end times, everything is backwards.

Author — D Christina


☝🏽Joe Biden literally looks like someone thats talking in their sleep every time he is speaking!😴



"bad" like threatening foreign governments for investigating his sons crimes in Thier country? That kind of bad?

Author — andy. hello.


6 black persons, two of whom were law enforcement, died during this rioting without a word of remorse from the Dems.

Author — Carol Hewett


Liberals: let’s defund the police

Private Military Contractors: you must have forgot what we do for a living!

Author — Michael Estala


Joe Biden proves every day
by opening his mouth that he has no idea of how to run this country...Trump for 4 more years ...YES!!!

Author — Susan Machamer


Dems want more chaos hoping it will help them in November.

Author — Lev Shneider


Creepy Joe also thinks that it's OK to grope women and young girls.

Author — Frederick Martin