Why a cat always lands on its feet

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In 1894, a French scientist used a camera to solve a physics problem.

Étienne-Jules Marey was a French scientist and inventor who analyzed how things moved. He developed a way to photograph multiple stages of movement onto a single glass plate, a technique called chronophotography. Later, when Kodak introduced celluloid film, Marey swapped the glass plate for a roll of film that moved in between exposures. This technique formed the basis of cinematography, and it’s how he recorded the stages of a cat righting itself in midair. He published his findings in Nature and demonstrated how the cat splits its body in two and uses the inertia of its own body weight to spin around.

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Author — Vox


The real question is why is the cat dropping video better quality then ufo sighting videos

Author — Karen Smith


Why a cat always lands on it's feet? *_bEcAuSe iT DoEsN't hAvE HaNdS_*

Author — stick with me


*He protecc*
*He attacc*
*But most importantly*
*He never fall on his bacc*

Author — Y. R


It has something to do with their little cute beans under their feet.

Author — Versaucey


Then how come Mufasa from The Lion King didn’t land on his feet or paws

Author — Gabbie Nacianceno


Title : "Why Cat Always lands on it's feet"

Video: *talking about cameras

Author — Josua Erick


Moral of the story: Cat helped improve the film industry and science.

Author — Kyudo Kun


Amazing how this scientist basically invented a film camera out of necessity

Author — Lashan


Everybody gangsta till the cat starts manipulating angular momentum

Author — hugh


So basically cat has understood better physics than us.

Author — Sachin Shivamurthy


A more important question is why do cats always jump on my face?

Author — -4 Subscribers with a hammer addiction


12:00am: alright alright last video

4:23am: Why cats always land on their feet

Author — Margielafn


"Oh cool I've always wondered why cats always land on their feet"
*Gets history lesson about film cameras*

Author — Zack B


Human : why cat always land on his feet?
Cat : why human can walk just with 2 feet?

Author — Toblerone Gaming


Title: how cats land on their feet

Video: how people recorded stuff back in the day

Author — HackerBOB 1011


Me: *looks at my cat*

I think my cat is broken

Author — Xx woah.its.kasandra Xx


Technically that's how a cat lands on it's feet.
Why is because of their vestibular organ in their ears tells em what's up and whats down.
It's kinda like a cochlea

Author — Viren Kundu


More like “Why cats always jump on my feet”

Author — Shamira S.


am I the only one who laughed when the chicken fell 💀

Author — Zibani Baruti