Cookie Clicker: Beta 2.044 - New Building, Upgrade Tier, Language Support & More!

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 months ago

Hello everyone, welcome to my video on the new Cookie Clicker 2.044 beta! In this update, Orteil has added a brand new building, the Cortex Baker, planet sized brains that can dream cookies into existence! He's also added a new Glucosmium tier to all upgrades and achievements, support for 12 nmore languages, and much more!

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Just a heads up, my assessment of the new building's CpS as well as other buildings is wrong in this video, I was looking at the amount they boost OTHER towers but not their own CpS! So pretty much everything I say about what buildings are good is backwards :)

Author — Jman37X


Thanks for the video, you're my go to source whenever a new update arrive :)

Author — Toyota Nice


Weird update, not really too much added but if there's gonna be a second part, that should be good! Thanks for the informative video :)

Author — Jamming


Regarding your spritesheet issue, for some reason, you have to add ?v=2.044 after icons.png to get the correct version.

Author — Kitty Katalina


i absolutely loves this videos, they make my day :)

Author — Llorenc Porta


Good video that got straight to the point, thank you!

Author — Rafus The golden minecart


Thanks. Nice first beta. I really hope he adds a heavenly upgrade that saves the stock market statsd. Because I want the shadow achievement of 1 year profit. Do you also have that achievement? 31 million dollar I think. I'm only at about 14 million.
I always buy everything when I think it's on the lowest and szll everything when I think it's on the highest. Of course I do all the upgrades. Do you have another tip to speed it up?

Author — megarockfreak


Nice! been some time since I checked Cookie Clicker's scripts

Author — Fabrizio37


Anyone know when this update will be officially released?

Author — tetlik


If I play on the beta can I import my save to the live version when it's updated?

Author — brickstar56


Im ending my save after four months...
(edit: i ended my four-month-old save and got a brand new save whos 3 days old)

Author — ꧁AR 2022 ツ꧂ / NTC IS NICES / DELETE FNF PLz


Did this update come out, cause im playing on the web and i dont have it, and do you have to make a new save to play it or can you use your old play through?

Author — Nate Taylor


How did u get it account from the live to beta?

Author — Miniloon Minoloon