Exposing FAKE Restoration Videos!

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Something isn't right about these....

I don't mean to hate, just thought it would be interesting to look at!

Let me know your thoughts!

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Imagine living in a country that is SO economically prosperous that the citizens throw perfectly good gameboys in the trash. These guys must be living the good life

Author — Cobra Cultist


When I pointed out my skepticism of this guys site involving suspect rust (mud/sand mixture) and a magic brush he used to eliminate the rust the response from other "viewers" was shocking. One idiot even called me a troll, while another said I should not say such things but praise the so called restorer for the time and effort he put into the video. I totally agree with your comments and those of others here. Why not create a new channel devoted to exposing these fake restorers, even name and shame them. Sign me up as your first subscriber.

Author — Costa


I don't know chief. After I cleaned my laptop in the sink, it actually unlocked additional RAM. These guys seem legit to me.

Author — Jakub A


"You'll HAVE to take my word for it."
Me, having found your channel completely randomly and having no idea what the difference is but is completely sucked into this video: "I would trust you with my life."

Author — AsuraOmni


Actually, electronics can work just fine when submerged in water, provided they are NOT energized, nor have some sort of battery (because of course, that would energize some circuits).

Author — Doblaje a la medida


The objects that these channels "stumble across" are obviously planted. And the rust they show is fake as well. It's always bright orange and evenly covering all sides of the object, like it was painted on -- probably made with a solution of salt water and iron filings, which quickly rusts when exposed to air. And they always completely reassemble the item before showing it working, to hide how they've swapped the internal components from a working unit.

The lazy ones just switch to a completely different unit to show the finished "restoration", and have been caught showing different serial numbers on the item they "found" versus the one they "restored". Or they film it in reverse order -- demonstrate the working unit first, then trash it with dirt and rust and plant it on the side of the road.

Author — VWestlife


Im obsessed with vintage items and do repairs on thrift finds... wtf is this? Ive repaired near mint items that still didnt work, but their rubbish soaked and rusted(?) electronics do; chemicals couldnt remove a few surface marks, but their stains magically vanish?

Author — Applejayz19


The cool part of this restoration magic is the transformation of opaque dark blue plastic shells into semi transparent red ones after two coats of red paint.

Author — Dileesh VV


The water coulda have been some kind of cleaning alcohol that will dry quickly. Still very much staged.

Author — Norcal Bowhunter


Just a random and hilarious thought you should totally do a video in the exact same way but actually restore the item that you find in the trash “randomly”

Except if you really wanna be funny about it you should wander around in the beginning of the video to wherever the item you’ll be restoring is located and “ randomly “ find it

Also on a totally unrelated related note, about the rust. A couple of days ago I was fixing some thing and happen to need a wire hanger, and I use that wire hanger and then to clean all my tools off because it’s something I was fixing was not clean I tossed it all in a bleach bath. Before I left all the tools to soak in the bleach bath I cleaned all the ones that were in Porten up and thought I got all the metal items out, two days later when I returned turns out I forgot the wire hanger. It was already rusting. Granted it was an old wire hanger, and there’s a chance there may have been some pre-existing rust, However if I had to take a guess I would assume the same thing occurred here.

Author — Day KT


dang that's my gba that I lost during my asia vacation last year. glad they found it.

Author — Cyranek


Odd Tinkering is an awesome and legit restoration video maker to watch. His video of repairing this crusty old NDS Lite was so satisfying to watch!

Author — Joe Blood


amazing they throw away working devices! suppose when the plastic rusts you have to?

Author — Jerry Gould


I like how he throws away the screen lens and buys a new one yet awfully cleans up the screen and puts the degraded foam back on instead of buying a new (backlight) one

Author — yourAppleSalesman


My favorite was the guy I saw who must have seen a restored mint motorcycle and videotaped it from all angles and then went out and found a junk yard bike, and exposed it to muriatic acid to show it all rusted and shows him taking it apart missing 70% of the parts then it is magically put together and painted, I commented that it would be nice to actually see him restore it and he responded no one wants to see that since it makes the video too long

Author — Boomer


The "I stumbled upon this thing completely randomly!" theme they do strongly reminds me of the setup for those horrible, fake, "animal rescue" videos that plague YouTube, where people will shove a puppy's head through some bike spokes and then "just stumble upon it" and "rescue" it. Then the next week the same two people are "rescuing" the exact same dog from a hole in the ground three feet away from where the bike was.
The way they attempt faking a genuine find just isn't natural at all. I can't quite put my finger on what, but something about it is just so unnatural.

Author — Nick C


With iron powder and a simple mixture, you can create rust on anything, so the rust may be real, just not naturally occurring because plastic obviously doesn’t rust.

Author — Cole Eckerman


Yeah those videos are fun to watch but they do drive me nuts.

Author — Patricia Lynn


I saw a video on one of those channels and fixing a computer. It looked like they opened the tower, took out the motherboard, and then dumped mud on it. To add to that, when he lifts up the board and shows the underside it was PRISTINE. Looked brand new. So I point that out in the comments. The video was removed and re-uploaded an hour later with the only change being that they removed the part where they showed the underside of the muddy board. Unbelievable.

Author — Michael McGlade


The bottom part of a shall is brand new. Red smooth plastic. Upper one is painted poorly.

Author — Nesu Rasen