The Battle for Donetsk International Airport: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 44)

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The Battle for Donetsk International Airport: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 44) 4.5

Only hours after Petro Poroshenko was announced the winner of Ukraine's presidential elections, the worst violence of the two month long crisis in eastern Ukraine exploded at Donetsk' Sergei Prokofiev airport.

Early Monday morning, gunmen of the Donetsk Peoples Republic arrived at the airport and took over the terminal building, prompting the Ukrainian military based there to issue an ultimatum to the rebels to lay down their weapons and leave. A massive firefight broke out which both fighter jets and attack helicopters were used by the Ukrainian military. The sound of gunfire and explosions filled the air as rebels and journalists ducked for cover along the access road to the airport terminal.

VICE News found a small unit of DPR gunmen among the trees along the access road who had pulled back from their earlier positions closer to the airport. Gunfire seemed to follow them as shots hit the wall on the other side of the road and one of their wounded fighters, who had been shot in the upper thigh was evacuated in a civilian car. The gunfire intensified and the unit was forced to withdraw.

The next morning gunfire could still be occasionally heard but the situation still remained unclear. Both sides claimed they controlled the airport, though it was clear that the Ukrainians had taken control and casualty figures were fluctuating, as more bodies were brought into the local morgues. At least 33 DPR gunmen had been killed in the assault, while the government was claiming 150 perished in the fight.

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Imagine getting shot and all you can hear are the clicking of cameras around you

Автор — Kylo_Kiko _


wtf is modern battlefield
1/3rd of men are the so known green men
1/3rd of men are cameramen
1/3rd of men are some random locals

Автор — Rokas Ratkus



well i would not want to be the 1 filming that helo with a shoulder held camera ^^.

Автор — Mattebubben


Fact: donetsk is the city verdansk (warzone) was inspired of

Автор — ΣκαΤα Μ


For those of you guys who don’t know, that airport is complete rubble today.

Автор — king chris


"Please dont film the soldiers"
*proceeds to film the soldiers*

Автор — SmashaTrash


"Only the dead have seen the end of war"- Plato

Автор — Dogberts Glare


This video contains

7% soldiers
36% gunshots
4% helicopter
43% press
57% people

Автор — Tentenny


You know it's bad when an old man shouts : oy blyat!

Автор — Ante Sudar


3:35 imagine you're dying and at the same time posing for the cameras. That is true dedication right there

Автор — CJ YR


I'm impressed that you actually showed the dead. Wish CNN, NBC, FOX, and CBS showed the real side of what is happening to the world

Автор — Andy47357


Soldier: *shooting*

People: *click click*

Автор — Lab Rat


who’s watching in 2020? during coronavirus?

Автор — I can’t come up with a good username


strange to see war in such modern society. the future is not looking bright :(

Автор — alexandros1984


Bruh this place looks just like my home in US. Imagine seeing soldiers ducking and throwing ballistics in your suburban cul-de-sac

Автор — N8THEGR8



Автор — Thomas Donovan


9:00 that lady has some real balls... to speak so openly is crazy when anyone around her could overhear and report her

Автор — liam pelosky


Is anyone else coming for cod warzone?

Автор — Lenin Ruiz


You're not a Vice reporter unless you come under fire at some point during the peice

Автор — willkilla


ur kidding me right? is this real? THERE'S AN MI-24V HIND PATROLLING THE SKIES!! YES ITS REAL!!!!

Автор — Grammar Nazi