Skiathos. Dangerous Jet blast and low Landings.

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Skiathos. Dangerous Jet blast and low Landings. 4
The #Skiathos Airport in Greece is one of the most spectacular in Europe and often compared to St. Maarten.
Low Landings and #Jetblast of departing and arriving aircraft can be a hazard to people or other unsecured objects.

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saw this video and immediately saw it in the new Thomas cooks just collapsed.

Author — ChemE Games


*Thomas cook PLEASE came back i really mis your mindblowing service specially business class mis you LOVE FROM AMERICA*

Author — Arsalan Khan


This is Skiathos from Greece I live here

Author — J S


Been here and stood at the start of the runway amazing to watch the planes ✈️ land and take off and the added bonus you can have a beer 🍻 while doing so as where these people are watching from is the car park of a bar 👌

Author — Adam Stratford


I see first time in my life like this airport

Author — Rajib Mohammad


I have experienced a jet blast before, and it will scare the heck out of you! Thought for sure I was going to get blown away! Not fun!

Author — Karen Gentry


Well we won't be seeing Thomas cook no more 😂😂👋👋

Author — blitz


OMG amazing even I'm feeling to see the plane nearby ..

Author — Pooja K


Thomas cook just declared bankruptcy 💔

Author — YDNR CRZ


The wind of a jet blast is blowing very hard. with this wind, with my child weight, I think I would be blown away. But it would be dangerous for me.

Author — jehan deru


Scary and harmful to ppl with too much sound can have effect on their hearing

Author — Going Oz


Hahaha good short !!
But where is it?

Author — Lee Lek


-what are you up to guys this afternoon?
+let's go and get some jet blast.

Author — Reza Nouri


You won't see a Thomas Cook flight doing that again 🤭

Author — Michael Whitham