Skiathos. Dangerous Jet blast and low Landings.

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Skiathos. Dangerous Jet blast and low Landings. 4

The #Skiathos Airport in Greece is one of the most spectacular in Europe and often compared to St. Maarten.
Low Landings and #Jetblast of departing and arriving aircraft can be a hazard to people or other unsecured objects.

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*Thomas cook PLEASE came back i really mis your mindblowing service specially business class mis you LOVE FROM AMERICA*

Author — Arsalan Khan


saw this video and immediately saw it in the new Thomas cooks just collapsed.

Author — ChemE Games


Been here and stood at the start of the runway amazing to watch the planes ✈️ land and take off and the added bonus you can have a beer 🍻 while doing so as where these people are watching from is the car park of a bar 👌

Author — Adam Stratford


And some tourists who arrived at the Congonhas Airport in Sao Paulo BR find it dangerous to land between buildings. This airport and St. Marteen are really dangerous.

Author — Olaf Weinzer


Donprozento can u tell me the name of this place.

Author — N. SHADAP


You won't see a Thomas Cook flight doing that again 🤭

Author — Michael Whitham


Wouah 💖💖 !! Gaffe a la poussière et sable pour les yeux, mais sa dois être génial de pouvoir immortaliser ces moments voir de près quand l'avion va décoller et atterrir 💖 !! J'ai adoré comment la vidéo ce termine avec l'avion qui décolle, magnifique !! J'adore l'avion 💖

Author — Benjamin B.


OMG amazing even I'm feeling to see the plane nearby ..

Author — Pooja K


Its one hell of a view tho, i wish i lived there... i would be out and about all day everyday😂

Author — Shut da hell up


An idea ....y not to hang a rope to dry clothes quickly

Author — Q M


0:16 the guy on the motorbike.

Poor him

Author — Power ASMR


Thomas cook just declared bankruptcy 💔

Author — YDNR CRZ


-what are you up to guys this afternoon?
+let's go and get some jet blast.

Author — Reza Nouri


The British always know how to kick up a storm 😉

Author — Steven Wrigley


oh look....the sign says not to stand there....lets go stand there....

Author — Ganji Raja


We can use this air blow for charge the smart phone

Author — Hunny Williams


what is the name of this amazing place?

Author — Laukik Dolas