Syria: The battle for Idlib explained - BBC Newsnight

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Syria: The battle for Idlib explained - BBC Newsnight 2.5

Why the city of Idlib could spell the end of the Syrian war.

Idlib is the last rebel-held stronghold of the Syrian war.

The 90,000 rebels (20,000 of them extremist jihadis - Assad's regime refuses to differentiate) were expecting an offensive by the Syrian Arab Army and its Russian and Iranian allies to start, but it has been postponed after Russia and Turkey agreed to establish a demilitarised zone around the province.

Postponed being the operative word.

Here Newsnight's Mike Thomson explains why the battle for Idlib is so significant.

Graphics: Stelios Thoukidides

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Hilarious. Fake news BBC completely "forgot" to mention British government support of Al- Qaeda to topple Assad or its role in distruction of Lybia.

Author — Joshua Paul


So the BBC is now admitting that it is Al Qaeda? For seven years the BBC called them moderates.

Author — No One


Fake news by BBC..thats their job as MSM

Author — Anonymous Creativity


Its weird how the western media always starts making a scandal every time the Syrian Army is about to win the war.

Author — D T


The US and UK want to prolong the confict. They don't care about the suffering of the Syrian people.

Author — ##


No mention of western funding of Al Nusra, Al Qaida e.t.c ?? NATO .

Author — Joseph Campbell


still calling them "rebels"? lol

Author — Mr S


God the BBC has turned into a western propaganda news agency. They weren't that worried about civilian lives when the American led coalition went into Iraq or when the Americans went into Fullujah. Miss the days when the BBC was one of the most trusted news outlets in the world.

Author — tom johnson


'Arab Spring' more like CIA, MI6 and Mossad etc supplying weapons, training and support for Al-Qaeda and Al Nusra.
Operation Timber Sycamore. Go look it up.

Author — MrB1923


When UK attacked Iraq or Libya, has anyone heard BBC discussing the risks to the population. What I personally heard was bragging about their super weapons and blitzkrieg tactics.

Author — Girts Lee


It's not the Syrian regime... It's Syria
BBC is extreme Fake news

Author — The Crusader


Hahahahaha i love how they put in dark evil music when mentioning Assads forces. Totally not propaganda :D

Author — Jompa Bompa


Hello BBC, where are the moderates rebels now? Please reply

Author — soreingam luiram


"His opponents took up arms..."

How can a peaceful protesters suddenly get guns?
Where is it comes from?

Author — Saya Berdikari


Ummm, BBC, you seem to have forgotten the terrorists that the UK supports, surely just an

Btw, who funds the white helmets???

Author — Steve Arthur


- The BBC can see from the comments that we know they are lying.
- Are they going to stop lying? NOPE! The BBC has owners; the BBC is here EXCLUSIVELY to ballshat us for their owners.

Author — Letme Turnonthelights


this war is west vs syrian, , this is fake madia news

Author — Hanad Mahamud


The big lie is in his assertion that, "The roots of the Syrian War lie the wave of Pro-democracy protests, Known as the Arab Spring, that swept across North Africa in early 2011." Notice how he doesn´t refer to it as a Civil war anymore? That´s because it´s not a civil war because of the involvement of Western air forces and naval forces massed in the eastern Mediterranean who has been relentless in their bombing campaign against the Syrian government.
He also omits to mention in his report any kind of Western involvement in the conflict or why the West and Israel has been bombing Syrian government forces for the last nine years and calling for the removal of President Assad from power.

Author — Laptop Lunatic


British propaganda at it's best DWL, hey bbc why don't you just try delivering unbiased news?

Author — Tazeo Frankson


I wonder how would armed gangs who shoot at security officials and army be called in the US, France, UK.. ? Rebels? Freedom fighters?!

Author — Andrej S