Why the Vada Pav Is Mumbai’s Best Sandwich

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Mumbai is famous for a tasty sandwich that literally no can resist. It’s called vada pav, and it’s full of potato goodness. Imagine a ball of mashed potato deep-fried to golden perfection and served on a pillowy soft bun with a dollop of chutney. It’s the kind of comfort food you can eat for breakfast, for dinner, really any time of the day. Join us as we sample vada pav all over the city—from street stalls to a chain restaurant that has their own twist on the dish.

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For those who don't understand why people hate jumboking
It's like buying Domino's Pizza in Italy

Author — Prajyot Mohite


You know a sandwich is good when McDonalds tries to make a cheap imitation of it

Author — Fingering Things


"Two vada pavs is as good as one dinner."
You underestimate my stomach. XD

Author — thenameisgsarci


I like how everyone who watched this video has for some reason grouped together like a medieval army and formed a rebellion against the corporate guy.

Author — Slim Jim


Vada Pav is my absolute favorite food :) !
Lots of Love from Germany <3 cant wait to come back to India!!! <3
Jai Hind!

Author — Domi Travels


jumboking is 3x the price and 1/3rd the taste, dont fall for that crap. im raised in mumbai so i know

Author — Kaiz V


Born and raised in Mumbai
And i can confidently say that

Jumboking vadapav is not that good.

Author — greenmachine


The McAloo Tikki is no failure. It tastes nothing like a Vada Pav but it's pretty nice on its own.

Author — Lightning Zoldyck


“We have committed that sin so many times.”

This line is straight up chaotic evil.

Author — Afterpast Hours


this is the first time I've heard my native language (Marathi) on a youtube video??? im happy

Author — purva


Just love this comment section 😂
1) 10% comments are about how good Vada pavs are
2) 10% on Marathi language being spoken in the video
3) 80% hammering Jumbo King left, right and centre

Author — Vinay T M


The Jumboking man looks like the villan in Bollywood movies, they guy that owns a big company and eats paan all day 🤣

Author — Amelia Soobramoney


The jumboking dude sounds like an evil corpo villain from an anime

Author — Lester Koh


Manohar kaka (kaka=uncle) speaking in Marathi about vada pav on a global, English channel gave me literal goosebumps, it's rare to see my language being represented on such a large platform 🥰 I honestly feel so proud and seen. When the lock down ends, I'm surely visiting Manohar kaka's shop and tell him how happy I felt seeing him represent marathi people in front of the whole world ☺
(Marathi is the native language of Maharashtra state, if anyone is wondering)

Author — Samiksha


I love the host. She has been amazing from past few videos and her dedication to food is unparalleled.

Author — Aakash M.


I like how this comment section has decided to collectively hate the corporate guy

Author — The Turniptress


Tried it in Pune and can confirm that it is AMAZING 👍
Love to India from Sudan.

Author — H. E.


-Mom, I want a Vada pav
- We already have a vada pav at home.
Vada pav at home 2:11

Author — Sourav Karmakar


Jumbo king is that worst
it's like an illegitimate kid of vada pav

Author — Rewant Karawade


This is what you call travelling the world with different flavors at home.

Author — marco