Part19-Selenium with Java Tutorial | Practical Interview Questions and Answers | Waits

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Topics :
1. What is Synchronization problem in Automation?
2. What are the different types of waits available in Selenium WebDriver?

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Hi Sir, I have a small doubt, if we use implicit, explicit and fluent wait in single script, which wait will execute first?

Author — Manas Nath


Hi sir, as you mentioned fluent wait is same as WebDriverWait but has more flexibility.
Can't we use the pre-defined conditional methods coming from the ExpectedConditions class for using the fluent wait? instead of using the apply method, in which we are doing the same things, of locating element using By locator.

Author — Bharath Koneru


Pavan Sir, I had many queries w.r.t the Waits in Selenium. Your video has solved them. However, if you had taken a real-time example...we could have understood the concept better. But no issues. Understanding the logic/concept is important...which you have given us here. Thank You.

Author — Madiraju K Chaitanya


First of all Thank you so much sir for your teaching. Sir just small request to you if possible could you please make video on "Data Warehousing" concepts ??
It would be very helpful for us sir.

Author — Rohan Tambat


Exceptionally explained! Thanks a lot for the series. Is it possible to share the maven Project for this series? That would have been really helpful. Thanks again.

Author — AnanDaily


Sir, which of the 3 waits is used mostly in companies? Because apart from implicitly all other are making the code complex too much for a tester to handle 😀

Author — LearnWithNeeraj


Hi Sir,
When I'm trying to apply fluent wait it is showing "The type FluentWait isn't generic; it cannot be parameterized with arguments <WebDriver>"
Please provide me with the solution for this issue. Thank you

Author — Anonymous Soul


Thank you so much sir explained in an understandable way we can use it in our framework

Author — Priyanka Shivegowda


Thank you sir, finnally I understood the concept of synchronisation by watching your video🙏

Author — Kreetika Gupta


Please make a video on how to locate Shadow DOM elements using Javascript Executor

Author — Raveendra Reddy Yeddula


Any idea why i am getting this error"The type FluentWait is not generic; it cannot be parameterized with arguments "

Author — Atul Singh


Sir can you make video on desired capabilities of selenium web driver?

Author — SDET Automation By Vinod Gharde


wait two and
explicit wait two wait and fluent Wait

Author — Travel with Me


Hello sir please help me i have added this code and it is not working

Author — Rahul Katoch