Raqqa: Inside the ruined 'capital' of the Islamic State group - BBC News

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Raqqa: Inside the ruined 'capital' of the Islamic State group - BBC News 4.5

A BBC exclusive on the final stages of the battle for the Syrian city of Raqqa -- the last major stronghold of the self-styled Islamic State. The current offensive by Arab and Kurdish fighters - with American and British support - started in June. Then, I-S controlled most of Raqqa. But now only a few hundred militants hold the centre of the city. The BBC is the only broadcaster to get access. Our Middle East correspondent Quentin Sommerville and cameraman Darren Conway sent us their report - which does contain some distressing images.

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The true "stunning and brave" women.. Not those plastic crap we see on insta...

Author — Waheed Khan


The so called brave woman these days are those who flaunt thier unshaven armpits on social media. These woman here are the true feminists .

Author — Muhammad Abdel-fattah


Love the kurds... male and female fighting together for a joined cause. They are very brave

Author — hensch1974


"The US claims that this is the most precise bombing campaign in history"

*cuts to a video showing the whole city in a pile of rubble and ash*

Author — The Savage Taxman


Ok now that woman with the rpg is awesome 👏👌 salute to her and the rest of the brave soldiers!

Author — Jay


Dude this news guy and his camera man have balls of steel 🏆

Author — phil ceballos


and there are people here complaining about what pronouns we use

Author — Beowulf8991


Imagine triying to impress the women here

Author — Manu Vincent


Nothing but admiration for these brave men and women, the whole world is watching you.

Author — John Mars


Damn... I can only imagine how brutal the battle of Stalingrad would have been like

Author — Screemsus Nejeetus


yet again the Kurdish people have been betrayed by the west. They gave all so we can live

Author — Milad J. Panah


Yes baby this is who we are we are the people from Kurdistan watch us and talk about us we know that we are legends

Author — derie milli


I can't imagine how Quentin Sommerville was able to compile this report, such an excellent reporting, but too risky

Author — UA Danbaba


Legends say abu hajaar is still rolling

Author — Sajjad


The kurds deserv their own country after this

Author — Hej du


i still can't believe what we did to them.. after this too

Author — trae boof


Kurds are true hero's of the middle east. They need there own country and a spot at the UN. They earned it.

Author — Lonelyshinobi


I've grown up and lived my whole life seeing displaced people and war in the Middle East.

Author — Dusty Foot Philosopher


The Kurdish were fighting for survival but they should keep fighting until you have your own country

Author — Bronco Zion


Amazing coverage from the battle front lines, it takes nerves of steel to cover this kind of madness!

Author — e sailesh