LEGO Technic 42131 CAT D11(T) Bulldozer detailed building review

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 months ago

Here is the brand new LEGO Technic 42131 CAT D11 Bulldozer in its full glory! In this video I show you everything interesting going on during the building process, then all the details of the full build and we take a look at the functions as well before the official Control+ profile becomes available!

The set is available for purchase from October 1st 2021, the price is 450 EUR / USD.

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I feel like there's always a compromise between building experience and playabillity, adding a motor for every function makes the build less interesting imo, but makes the set more functional. I don't really have a strong opinion on this set other than that it's expensive.

Author — R1pp3d


Another amazing review! Endless apprise for remaining so UNBIASED all these years when it comes to reviewing Technic sets! Even though you get early review models from the Lego group. Also, the amount of work you put into each review to make it so detailed is beyond imaginable. Thank you.

Author — Anton Blank


This is way, WAY bigger than I thought it'd be. Thank you for the review! :D

Author — Plopi Ninety Six


I really want a cat, but since I already have a german shepherd, I guess I'll settle for this.

Author — Unbrickme


Thanks for another thorough review! Looks like a pretty cool set but definitely overpriced, especially compared to the Liebherr which has 3 more motors and 1 more hub.

I know they did it for authenticity but it's a shame the tracks are yellow because that limits MOC applications

Author — Osomeguy


Thanks for reviewing this new flagship set. Another yellow technics… I do enjoy the content and your options. Great video! Well, I think I’m good with my previous Liebherr 9800 model. I think this shall be ~$350 technic set, but not $450… IN comparison, Liebherr has 7 motors(3XL, 4L) and 2 hubs, while this only has 4 motors and 1 hub. I think Liebherr has more functions to play around.. but they both look cool on shelf at the end of the day ;)

Author — Takumi Akutagawa


Beautiful set - thanks for showing such a detailed review. It's a very exciting set and I like the new tracks with extra grip. 🙃

Author — Technic Brick Power


I work for a Caterpillar Dealer in Australia and CAT (that's what the manufacturer is called by dealers) has informed us that they are changing the naming convention of the entire product line. So this bulldozer, or correctly called Track Type Tractor, will now be named D11; distinguishing it from the proceeding model D11T. CAT have dropped the alphabet at the end, going forward. A bit of trivia for you. Thoroughly enjoyed your video and comments on this model. Looking forward to your next video.

Author — Richard Han


Thanks for another great review! Normally I skip the building part of reviews, but your modular build approach with explanations is very interesting, so I watched the whole video. Excellent idea! 👍 Another overpriced Lego Technic set. For this price it should have had extra hub/motors to power additional functions. A shame, but at least it is a true flagship set …

Author — Willem van Gemert


Here's a few observations
1. For the price it's asking i wish they provided hard rubber durable tracks and not plastic
2. I wish the blade and some structurally fragile components like front blade rams and hind ripper were metal made.

3. Stronger drive system with more powerful motors.

4. Low voltage bright LED light system. I bet that wouldn't cost much.

5. Rechargeable Dozer Battery 15K mAH.

6. Lower blade and ripper functionality to completely lift the dozer of the ground.

7. More intuitive touch controls

I'll add more after a 2nd watch.. btw i watched every second until the end! Your camera quality and explanation is top-notch while being simplistic!

Author — Kristina Fraxx🌟🌱


Thanks for this video. I have just finished building the RC-Bulldozer by Happy Build® 22011: 7 motors, two hubs, RC (and some kind of "Control+" if you so wish), rechargeable batteries and excellent parts at a price of €180. It is a MOC that went into serial production, so it is not perfect in all aspects of the build, but it works fine.
This means that I will not ever be needing the Lego version as it has fewer functions, no RC, no rechargeable batteries, fewer motors (which you are not free to use for whatever you want unless you buy additional stuff), just one hub, a sticker sheet (but no Cat prints - if I understand you correctly) and costs the princely sum of €450. It is just a no-brainer.

Author — YGRbookS


Looks brilliant very impressive how everything works remotely but disappointing how there's no real sounds

Author — PN


4:37 I think that in this case, it doesn't matter
If you flip the grey cog around, it will just invert two times = rotating same way in the end

Author — Jakub Pollák


I feel like they should have motorized the ripper tilt and made the ladder manual. I do like how they managed to get 6 functions out of 4 motors (saving the cost of 2 motors and an extra hub). Overall, the looks are amazing. The price tag, not so much.

Author — Francis


Thank you so much for uploading this video! I've been waiting for this review!

Author — Ryan Mackenzie


Thank you, good review/overview.
I wonder how much this "built in modules like the real thing" adds to the complexity of the design process. :| Part of the "fan of the brand" thing I guess. Not bad of course but how many customers appreciate such things?
Besides the instructions, that can of course not be changed :D, there are some "we protect the customer against himself"-things, that can be changed easily. Does Lego split the customers in two categories? "Experienced enough to turn the page" and "Experienced enough to change things yourself"? ;D
Oh and because some people care: Besides pins and axles -> good color choice.

Author — Tasse Tee


Awesome to see it built. Can’t wait till comes out in New Zealand. Great review

Author — Brenton Crittenden


I have the old Bulldozer made by the same designer. It's still awesome and functions are way faster.. It also drive way faster.

Author — Martin Kirk


Great review, went really into the details here.

Author — bami2


Very cool, but I agree a $350 price would be far more appropriate than $450

Author — Dennis Berg