Fuji XT3 - 2 Years Later (Review)

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  • ℹ️ Published 8 months ago

2 summers ago I replaced my Sony a7s with the Fuji XT3. I decided to share my thoughts on the camera now that I am replacing it.

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Great vid. I appreciate that you shared the work to demonstrate the camera's features. Searching online for cameras can be a grind, just the images, video, and presentation were enjoyable, and I can see why you love the camera.

Author — Rob Harding


While the camera review (shopping channel) YouTube scene is always pushing the latest and expensive next thing, it's worth remember that cameras like the XT3 are a fantastic tool today, and an absolute bargain new or used.

Author — David Mitchell


always loved Fujis look. had an x-T10 back in the day and miss shooting in fuji so much!! im between cameras right now and Im fairly certain that this is my next pick up!

Author — Christopher Romo


Wonderful video man! I recently got an xt3 myself as an upgrade to my A7s mark 1 haha. Best camera I've had so far. One question, Did your Fuji xt3 develop any dead or stuck pixels during the video when shooting F log? I'm in the process of returning mine back because there are several white pixels on the image and I can't deal with it. They are small but I've never encountered that on any other camera.

Author — Josue Nunez


Thanks for a super presentation, was thinking of getting the xt5 but I think the xt3 will give me what I need and as I can pick it up for half the price in as new condition i think that’s the way to go for me. Thanks.

Author — McD Detect & Respect.


Great review, thank you. The footage shown in here is stunning.

Author — Nona Shibusa


Dude that was a pleasure to watch your video, such a nice style. Can you please provide equipment you have or you would buy to cage the fuji xt-3? I’m planing to shoot handheld but amount of different part in caging just overwhelms me :D what would you buy for fuji xt-3 today? (Grips, monitor etc)

Author — Bartek Białkowski


What a great video my friend. Loved the footage.

Author — Jaime Contreras